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Well, I think mine is pretty too.......aside from the ratty muffler and silver paint on the exhaust! LOL

Just wait til I get that new exhaust! :lol:

Yeah, I know it was originally red from the factory. But, some yahoo previous owner painted everything! Anyway, I am kinda partial to the blue. ;) I have cleaned off a lot of the silver paint already. Dunno why they painted the rims....nice chrome under the paint! Hard to get off the exhaust pipes tho.....baked on pretty good. And it is almost in tip top shape now! I am currently waiting for the coils to get here. Even with the weak spark from the one bad coil it runs pretty good. (I have 1000 miles on it now since I got it). My clock just turned 21,200 miles. And I hope that exhaust comes soon!

Yes, nice looking bike! And I do agree that they look sporty. I get comments on mine every time I stop somewhere with it.
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