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Hi, My name is Alex and I recently picked up a 1976Hhonda CB 200t with 7,000 original miles on it. It's in great condition mechanically, but aesthetically it needs work. Someone decided to paint over the tank with black spray paint.... and not even sand the tank down first because I can still see the original parakeet yellow that it had in some spots.

I want to get the motorcycle looking as close to original as possible, but would like to go with the Shiny Orange color that was the other option (color wise) for 1976 models.

I have seen a lot of people repainting their bikes with various shades of orange, but have not been able to find out any specifics on the paint that they used and and tips that would be helpful when picking a color that is close to the original.

If you have any ideas or have repainted you cb200 in orange, please let me know how you went about finding a close matching color.

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