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1976 CK360t question

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I just bought a 1976 CJ360t and am currently going thru it. My question is this. When I pulled the alternator cover to check the timing, oil poured out. Is this normal?

The exhaust muffler was rusted badly so, I searched for a new one to no avail. So, I ordered a M.A.C. 2 into 1 system for a CB360t. It should work. Same engine I would imagine minus the elec start.

I had it running and putted around the yard but am anxious to get that new exhaust so I can get it on the road!
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Yeah, oil is normal there.
Wait till you try to use your strobe - you and your little timing light will get a nice bath.........

The exhaust should fit ok, though you may not be able to use your centerstand...
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