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1976 CJ360

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I wanna make this a rider. I have already started cleaning it up some. It has silver paint on the engine and wheels. I already have the rear rim cleaned up. I do not know why it was painted because it is nice and shiny chrome under the paint. No rust on that one. The front is a bit harder to clean due to the paint being heavier and there is some rust scale on it. I am not sure how nice I can make the engine. Right now i do not plan on taking the engine out or disassembling it. I will clean what I can. It does run. I have tuned it and changed the oil already and took it for a short putt up and down the driveway. I do need to get a front tire due to weather checking. I have mirrors on the way and a new shift lever (the one on it is mangled!). I also have a center stand coming from a 75 CB360. I figure it should fit. I just need to figure out where to hook the spring on the frame. The exhaust I have coming is a MAC 2 into 1 system. It says it will retain the centerstand and oil filter access. The muffler was full of holes. I am still looking for a seat lock. That is missing. There was a small tear on the seat so I stuck a small patch on it.

I also may need the rubber bushings for the handlebar mount bolts. The handlebars wobble back and forth. I need to tighten them up somehow.

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Yeah, the Road Hawks bark pretty good when you get on the throttle.
But they can be quiet too, at lower rpm in the city.
Well, it has been almost a month since I found that CB360 to buy and I have yet to catch the guy who is selling it! He is never home! A friend who knows the guy and found it for me has been trying to catch him too. I stopped and looked at it and it is in pretty sorry condition but, I can use many of the parts to combine with mine to make a nice bike. Hope to nail him down soon!
Nice CJ! I got mine about 2 months ago and got it running right recently and have put about 400 miles on mine. I did notice a small exhaust leak, by the clamp from the headers to the muffler, and will have to get a new exhaust as well. Nice job on yours!

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Diloret, that is a very nice looking bike you got there too!

Well, I finally caught up with the guy who has the CB360 for sale. (took me a few months to finally catch him at home!!!!) It is a 1975 CB360. He has no title, the engine is seized, the front caliper is locked up, the rear brake is locked it will not even roll. But, for 50 bucks I can use a lot of the parts. mainly the frame. I am going to strip it down when I get it home. Will let the engine soak to free it up and tear into the brakes. It only has 15,000 on the clock. It has been sitting for 10 years not being run he said. Other wise there is nothing wrong with the engine. Left outside in the elements.....

So, between my 2 bikes, I will have a really nice one.
How are you going to run an untitled frame on the street?.......Or is your state one that titled by engine number?......Just a consideration before all that work and expense....
Titled on the engine here. I hope I can title the engine it has when I get it freed up and running. My cousin says it can be done here in NY state. We shall see. It sure would be nice to have an electric starter. :lol:
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