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1976 CJ360

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I wanna make this a rider. I have already started cleaning it up some. It has silver paint on the engine and wheels. I already have the rear rim cleaned up. I do not know why it was painted because it is nice and shiny chrome under the paint. No rust on that one. The front is a bit harder to clean due to the paint being heavier and there is some rust scale on it. I am not sure how nice I can make the engine. Right now i do not plan on taking the engine out or disassembling it. I will clean what I can. It does run. I have tuned it and changed the oil already and took it for a short putt up and down the driveway. I do need to get a front tire due to weather checking. I have mirrors on the way and a new shift lever (the one on it is mangled!). I also have a center stand coming from a 75 CB360. I figure it should fit. I just need to figure out where to hook the spring on the frame. The exhaust I have coming is a MAC 2 into 1 system. It says it will retain the centerstand and oil filter access. The muffler was full of holes. I am still looking for a seat lock. That is missing. There was a small tear on the seat so I stuck a small patch on it.

I also may need the rubber bushings for the handlebar mount bolts. The handlebars wobble back and forth. I need to tighten them up somehow.

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Well, I am still waiting for that exhaust to come.....hopefully on monday! I got some nice bags for the old girl! Got the idea from another thread here. Nice bags! Roomy and they look good on the bike.

I followed the advice given and removed the "bondo" from the Honda logo on the alternator cover using paint stripper. It took several applications but did the trick. Coming right along. Now i need to get some polishing wheels to clean it up a little more and make it shine. You can see where the PO ground on the bondo after putting it on and scratched up the cover some.

I have over 500 miles on the bike now and it is running good as ever. It had used a little oil the first couple hundred miles but, now it is not using any! The rings must have been stuck.

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Congrats! That lil CJ is kicking out CB360 butts! :D

BTW I love those bags! I was going to get those or the Kuryakyns for my Suzuki C50, decided on the latter... :roll:
Yeah, those bags are from Leather Up, I believe??

Though I have bought a couple of items from them, I cannot recommend them.
I needed to return an item, so I filled out all the paperwork and jumped through all their hoops, but ended up without the item and without a refund.
They are extremely slow to respond to any queries or problems.

Like I said, money down the toilet for me........
I just called on the exhaust and now they say they are back-ordered til the end of June!!!! So, I continue to wait and hope that the old rotten muffler will hold up! I have almost 600 miles on the old girl now. I changed the oil at 500 and pulled the filter screen to clean it. I also pulled the spark plugs to see how they are burning. It was very nice to see that the oil fouling I had in the first couple hundred miles has cleared up completely! The plugs are now nice light tan in color! Like I said, I bet the oil scraper rings were prolly stuck and have now freed up.

Another problem cropped up tho..... I see that the left fork seal is leaking. I am about to order new ones and will read up on the rebuilding procedure. Not bad for the first 600 miles. And I am getting 55 MPG with her! I also plan on ordering another piston set for the carb. If one tore, I am sure the other diaphram will too if it does not already have pin holes forming.
Well, I got the fork seals done. I have almost 800 miles on the bike now. I also replaced the other carb piston/diaphram and the intake manifolds since the old ones were cracked from the dumb yahoo previous owner getting paint on them. It runs better. Less popping out the muffler so, it must have had air leaks.

Now it seems to be seeping a tiny bit of oil from the head gasket on the backside of #2 cylinder. Just enuff to wet your finger when you wipe it. Guess I better start looking for a new gasket.... :(
ah yes!...One of the joys of owning/riding a 30+ year old bike (with 30+ year old gaskets/seals) LOL
yep! I still would not get rid of her! It is so much fun to ride! And it is running very good right now. It had 20,234 miles on it when I got it and now it is close to turning over 21,000! Still not using oil that I can detect from the oil dipstick.

I get a lot of positive comments on the old girl when I am out riding or stopped to gas up. People really seem to like these old bikes! :D

Now, if only that new exhaust would hurry up and get here!!!!!
I bought one of those carb sync guage sets from Ebay and was going to check the sync of my carbs. I pulled the plug from the ports and discovered that the threads on the extensions is smaller than the port threads!!! :eek: Now what???

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You'll have to get some adapters - these are cheap, and you leave them on permanently.
Pretty sure you need 5mm, but check to make sure.

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Thanx, I have the adapters on order now.

After riding today, I was lubricating the drive chain and noticed that the sprocket on the rear wheel has some side play. The nuts are tight. The manual says nothing about this. Could the dampeners on the inside be worn? Or is this normal?
I think it may be normal for the sprocket to have a little play. After all..the whole sprocket assembly is held by a circlip, the bolts have little to do with it. But I could be wrong on that...
Moving right along and now another problem crops up. I pulled the plugs and noticed that the #1 cylinder was wet with fuel. #2 was burning nice so, I swapped them to make sure the plug is good. Plug is good. Pulled #1 this morning and it is wet again. The carb float levels are correct, points are good, and it has new capacitors. I pulled out my compression tester and it pumps right up to 170 PSI, good as it can get. I put the plug back into the wire and cranked looking for spark...yellow, weak spark. So, it looks like I have a bad #1 coil! And I see that is a part that Honda does not supply anymore!!! I guess it is off to Ebay! Unless someone has one kicking around they would part with? :mrgreen:

It sure was nice to see compression right up there tho.
I wouldn't go coil hunting just yet. It could be as simple as a bad spark plug boot. Also, you might check the resistance of both coils to compare them. Then if what you're thinking is confirmed, go coil shopping. It can be converted to run newer coils from MikesXS like Bill did to his 450, for a little more money, and you'd have brand new coils instead of some old used, questionable units.

GB :mrgreen:
Yes, the good one was about 14.68K OHM and the bad side was 15.22 then nothing if I moved the boot. The cable is hard and will crack if I am not careful. Wonder if I should just replace the cable? I pulled the boot off and then checked it. It seemed OK . Put it back on and now I have 15.22K OHM or so.

Another thing is that one day when I rode her til she got really warmed up, she seemed to lose power. I know a bad coil will be worse when it is hot.
Try the XS650 Coil route, my 360 runs happily with that set up!
Yep! I checked the coils the way this site says to and the left coil has no continuity. Both primary and secondary are dead. Right is fine. I have just ordered the parts to do the conversion on mine. 70 bucks including shipping. But that aint bad since Honda used to charge over 80 bucks for just the one coil!!! Now the wait for parts continues....

On another note, I really am impressed with the compression test readings! I did not expect 170 PSI readings! I was hoping I would at least get 150! This bike is gonna be SWEET when done. Can hardly wait to see how much more power I will have with 2 new coils!
Aren't you still waiting on that exhaust too??

GB :mrgreen:
Yep! Exhaust still on back-order! That is starting to get to me too!!!!! I ordered the exhaust on April 13th! The last time I talked to them on phone they said it was back-ordered til the end of June! :x

But, I need it. The stock exhaust is shot! I have patches on it now til I can get the new one. It will practically look like a new bike when I get it on. If it ever does come...........
I got the 5mm port adapter today. The order got screwed up and they only sent one....just as well. Mine is 6mm it seems. So many places I have read that Honda carb vaccum ports are 5mm.

Had trouble ordering at the site. I selected 2 but when it got to the payment and shipping page, it set back to 1!!! Had to retry it 3 times before it went thru with my order for 2! So, that is why I only got 1 in the mail....I was certain I had specified 2!

So, another week or so before I can check the sync. Coils should be here monday. No word on the exhaust....maybe I will have it by christmas....I am afraid to call and ask...they will tell me "Oh, it is back ordered til the end of July now!" ( I ordered it April 13th)

Ah, the saga continues........
I'd be calling and giving them a piece of my mind by now..

GB :mrgreen:
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