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1976 CJ360

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I wanna make this a rider. I have already started cleaning it up some. It has silver paint on the engine and wheels. I already have the rear rim cleaned up. I do not know why it was painted because it is nice and shiny chrome under the paint. No rust on that one. The front is a bit harder to clean due to the paint being heavier and there is some rust scale on it. I am not sure how nice I can make the engine. Right now i do not plan on taking the engine out or disassembling it. I will clean what I can. It does run. I have tuned it and changed the oil already and took it for a short putt up and down the driveway. I do need to get a front tire due to weather checking. I have mirrors on the way and a new shift lever (the one on it is mangled!). I also have a center stand coming from a 75 CB360. I figure it should fit. I just need to figure out where to hook the spring on the frame. The exhaust I have coming is a MAC 2 into 1 system. It says it will retain the centerstand and oil filter access. The muffler was full of holes. I am still looking for a seat lock. That is missing. There was a small tear on the seat so I stuck a small patch on it.

I also may need the rubber bushings for the handlebar mount bolts. The handlebars wobble back and forth. I need to tighten them up somehow.

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I got the carbs rebuilt. I did find one of the diaphrams is torn. I patched it using some silicone so I can run it but, I do need to find another if I can,

I got it all back together and have the clutch adjusted much better. I adjusted it at the side cover and was able to take almost all of the adjustments out of the threaded ends at the cover and the clutch lever. So, it has a good clutch. It runs really good now. I had it up to 70 on the road. It was sure nice riding. Took it for about 35 miles. Got home and no problems.

So, will I be able to find that diaphram????
I've seen em listed on fiches for $80 a pop: ... &fveh=2908

Not sure about the availability tho...

If the CB450 carb on a CB360 thing I have works out feel free to copy me :D
hogie said:

So, will I be able to find that diaphram????
Yeah, they're still available from Honda.
Sadly, the diaphragm is integral with the slide, and they'll cost you $80-$90 each......
well, I ordered the piston set for the bad carb. But, my tempo fix is working OK. I have riden the bike 200 miles now over the last 2 days. It seems to run better the more I ride it.

On another note, I found a '70 CB450. The guy had it out but I was too busy to stop earlier.......he had it for sale for $500. But, now he is giiving it to another guy who buys old bikes that is going to do some work on his dad's car for him plus give him $200! I was too late!!! I told him that if things don't work out, I would give him $800. It is a sharp looking bike with 24,000 miles. It was always kept in a garage. It starts right up and runs good. Carbs may need rebuilding and a couple tires but other than that it is sharp looking. It is in original condition and even the exhaust looks new! No rust and solid!

Well, somebody else snatched that 450 from me. They are gonna resell it but will want alot more money for it.

So, on with my CJ360. I am still waiting for parts. I have the piston set ordered for the carb. For now the temp fix is holding. I have put almost 300 miles on the bike. Here is how it looks now. I have a couple patches on the bad muffler for now. I wish that new system would hurry up and get here!

I added a small windshield and I have a new tire on the front now too. I got new mirrors for it now.I had those saddle bags laying around so I strapped them on.

Gotta pull those signals off and clean them up and get the mounts straight. It has been on it's side from the looks of the rear signals....all scratched up. I have a pair of new ones coming (NOS).

(before...Gary and the new toy!)


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You done good, Gary.
It should be nice when you're finished.....

Those carbs aare a real bite in the rear, for sure....
I am having a problem getting the idle down on the old girl. But, I imagine it has a lot to do with the terribly bad muffler. It is so bad that there is no back pressure. It is kinda loud. I tried patching the holes but it still leaks a lot. Could be the cables drops to about 1400RPM when I twist the throttle back but comes back up to almost 2000 when I let go. I need to get those lubed but the screws that hold it together on the handlebars wont come out!!! May have to drill them out and replace them. I have the Idle stop screw on the side for idle speed backed way out too.

If I try to adjust the idle mixture screws, there is no change. Even when I seat the screws. And the plugs look like she is running rich. The carbs have been cleaned and rebuilt. I blew all the jets and parts out with compressed air after using carb cleaner on them. The plug on the side that has the bad diaphram (which I patched with silicone as a temp fix) is wet when I pull the plugs. The other one is just fouled and looks like she is running rich.

Am I correct in assuming that this will not be remedied until I get the new exhaust on her? As well as the new piston/diaphram? (I wish those parts would hurry up and get here!) She also pops a bit out the tailpipe when I decelerate.

Other than that she runs pretty good! Still a fun ride.
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Here are a few pics of the nasty old muffler. Pardon the automotive muffler clamp....I had taken the thing off and had to find something to hold it on until I get the new one. I wanted to ride the old girl!!! :lol:

I held my patches on with hose clamps. One holds fairly well while the other leaks terribly. The holes under those patches were worse than the ones you still see!!! :oops:

Hold yer hand over the end and not a lot comes leaks so bad thru the holes..... :roll:

Yes, I know that is one crappy muffler! LOL

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The piston set came for the carb today. I just got done putting it in. Good thing too. There were new tears forming in the old worn diaphram! I started her up to see how it runs and noticed that I do not have a tail light!!! I popped the fuse panel lid to find foil wrapped fuses!!! The tail light and main fuse were wrapped with foil! I know the previous owner monkeyed with the ignition switch so, maybe my problem is there. No lights illuminating the guages either. I see that the wiring goes thru the switch so, maybe my problem is there. So, it looks like I spend tomorrow debugging the wiring with an ohm meter. Gonna look at the switch first.

Today I pulled off the tailight mount and the metal half of the rear fender and painted them. The wiring looked good there and I cleaned the ground connection on the tailight. Stop light works.....just no tail light. Bulb is good. Wiring diagram shows that the wiring goes forward and thru the switch so, I will look there in the morning. Front running lights work.

I hate electrical problems!!!
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hogie said:
No lights illuminating the guages either.
While dressing up my clocks and central display I found no less than 5 burnt bulbs! That means only 2 out of 7 actually worked!
I got the tail light issue resolved! Had to tear the switch all apart and clean the contacts. Put in some dielectric grease and put it back together. I replaced the foil wrapped fuses with good ones and all is well in the garage. :D

The fuses did not blow and all the lights seem to work now. I will have to wait for it to get dark so I can see if the instrument illumination lights work. I picked up a few bulbs just in case. The wiring looks OK. I chased most of it around using the wiring diagram and an ohm meter.

Still have the headlight bucket off so I can repair a few cracks and paint it to match the rest of the bike. Or, maybe replace it....I have a bid on one on Ebay.

Coming right along! :mrgreen:
Yep! All the lights work now!!! :mrgreen:

I am glad I picked up a few bulbs when I got the fuses. Both bulbs in the clocks were burned out. Hard bulbs to find locally but I found some that worked.

I also got the mounts for all the signals bent back to where they belong. It looks a lot neater now.

So, things are coming along nicely. I was a bit worried when I saw the foil wrapped fuses and the non-working lights but, all is well now. The ignition switch was corroded inside. Figured I may as well try to take it apart and clean it....nothing to lose. It was easier than I thought and it is good as new now. I bet I would never have found a replacement.

Now if only that new exhaust would come....... ;)
I just did some more reading in other threads......I kinda see why my thread has gone cold now.......some have had problems getting their 360s to a ride-able condition. I see to be getting all the kinks ironed out of mine and she is running good. I did not get that headlight bucket I was bidding internet connection was down last night and someone stole it from me in the meantime. Good thing I decided to repair mine. I got the cracks all repaired and filled a spot where a chunk was missing. I shot it with paint last night and set it in front of my hot woodstove to dry. It looks good this morning. So, I guess I saved myself some money. :D Gonna put it on today and hopefully can take the bike for a ride. I got a new drive chain on it now too. The old one had a couple of "bumps" in it as it turned and was stretched to the max allowed by the adjusters. Will shoot a couple more pics after I have her back together.
OK, all back together. Pardon the tie holding up the center-stand......gotta ride to my cousin's house to use his brake spring tool and get the spring on!

I will paint the tank better later and gotta clean the shock/spring on the left some. This bike was outdoors all it's life from the looks of some of it. This is why I am amazed at how it all came together! :mrgreen:

oil changed
Turn signals straightened
Lights fixed so all work now
new drive chain
carbs rebuilt and new piston/diaphram in one
windshield added
headlight bucket painted to match rest of bike
cables lubed
new mirrors (NOS)
new rear signals (NOS)
new front tire
new capacitors

Still waiting for the exhaust (back-ordered)

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hogie said:
some have had problems getting their 360s to a ride-able condition.
You are certainly in the running for first 360 over the finish line. I'd like to see you and kruk go head to head in the 'ultimate tune-up championship' or "UTC" :lol: Winner has bragging rights on all 360 related threads :D
Yes, I should consider myself fortunate that I have not encountered any of the major problems that I have read others have had. (knock on wood!).

I called to find out if there is any new info on my exhaust system and when I will have it in my eager hands. They told me that the place they get it from will receive a shipment on the 12th. So, I should have it by the 18th or so. At least, that is what they said....

I found a nice tip in one of the threads here about stainless bolts and a site that sells them. I ordered most of the bolts and a few of the screws that I can think of. I ordered many in the allen head type. Spent less than 50 bucks and that will replace most of the rusty, chewed up ones I have now. Also a few chrome plated where they show the most.

Maybe after the riding season is done I will disassemble it some and do some polishing of the aluminum. I like how the crankcase covers look on some of the projects here. It may be hard to clean out the filler that was used to fill the "Honda" emblems on the case covers depending on what was used. May even pull the engine and strip off the silver paint and paint it with black semi-gloss engine enamel. Paint the frame too. (you guys are giving me ideas!!!)

For now, I just want it ride-able. I have already put over 300 miles on it. It runs good and has plenty of power. Doing the carb rebuild and tuning it really helped. It starts on the first kick every time. And it is not cold blooded at all. :mrgreen:

My kidneys do get a little sore from riding but, I don't care! It is sure fun to ride again. I wont tell the doctor if you don't. ;)

As you can see, I finally put up an avatar. Yes, that is me (when I still had a beard) and yes, I am a musician
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That is good to hear, especially the mileage you put on the bike! :D
What's that guitar you're playing there, O Bearded One???

Looks like you were at the Peter Paul & Mary tryouts??
tbpmusic said:
What's that guitar you're playing there, O Bearded One???

Looks like you were at the Peter Paul & Mary tryouts??
hehee. That is my Washburn jumbo. I have 6 guitars all together not counting my acoustic bass and my lap steel dobro. Martins and Washburns. I play just about every week with a group of older guys ( I am the youngest in the group). We call ourselves "The West Branch Ramblers" (the leader lives on the west branch of the Delaware River). We play mostly bluegrass and old country and do benefit concerts off and on. I go to several jam sessions too. When I play by myself I play stuff I have written as well as Fogelberg, Croce, John Prine, and some 60's 70's stuff. I like Merl Haggard and Hank Williams Sr too. My music is pretty much folk.
Croce, Merl Haggard and Hank Williams Sr.. You're alright Hogie! And I'm only 32.. :lol: Nice taste in music there bud. ;)

On another note, I found out much by accident, that Aircraft Stripper softens body filler really nicely. It may take multiple applications depending on how thick the filler is though. But after it "soaks in" the filler (aka bondo) really gets soft and can be scraped out with hand tools.

GB :mrgreen:
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