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1976 CJ360

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I wanna make this a rider. I have already started cleaning it up some. It has silver paint on the engine and wheels. I already have the rear rim cleaned up. I do not know why it was painted because it is nice and shiny chrome under the paint. No rust on that one. The front is a bit harder to clean due to the paint being heavier and there is some rust scale on it. I am not sure how nice I can make the engine. Right now i do not plan on taking the engine out or disassembling it. I will clean what I can. It does run. I have tuned it and changed the oil already and took it for a short putt up and down the driveway. I do need to get a front tire due to weather checking. I have mirrors on the way and a new shift lever (the one on it is mangled!). I also have a center stand coming from a 75 CB360. I figure it should fit. I just need to figure out where to hook the spring on the frame. The exhaust I have coming is a MAC 2 into 1 system. It says it will retain the centerstand and oil filter access. The muffler was full of holes. I am still looking for a seat lock. That is missing. There was a small tear on the seat so I stuck a small patch on it.

I also may need the rubber bushings for the handlebar mount bolts. The handlebars wobble back and forth. I need to tighten them up somehow.

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Seems like your PO filled, sanded and painted every Honda logo off ya scoot. I like badge-less myself. I just ordered in a set of genuine Honda handlebar mount rubbers from for $12. I used to be a fan of cheap Chinese made after market rubber parts...until those parts crapped out after 12 months or so (MikesXS...I'm looking in your direction...)
Good luck with it and sorry to hear about ya kidneys dude.

Yeah..I wouldnt take any new to me 70's bike out of the driveway without a carb overhaul. Ya never know what jetting mistakes some PO had a crack at. I just got my rebuild kits but am waiting on my re-chromed tops to come back before I go for it.

You should be able to get a cheap impact driver for under $10. Gotta have one I recon....
hogie said:
No lights illuminating the guages either.
While dressing up my clocks and central display I found no less than 5 burnt bulbs! That means only 2 out of 7 actually worked!
hogie said:
some have had problems getting their 360s to a ride-able condition.
You are certainly in the running for first 360 over the finish line. I'd like to see you and kruk go head to head in the 'ultimate tune-up championship' or "UTC" :lol: Winner has bragging rights on all 360 related threads :D
I think it may be normal for the sprocket to have a little play. After all..the whole sprocket assembly is held by a circlip, the bolts have little to do with it. But I could be wrong on that...
hogie said:
I am about to turn over 1000 miles on the bike since I got it. Time for another oil change.
I love a biker that changes oil regularly, thats the only thing that stops these old bikes dead in their tracks.

Screw the rain...ride it man!
Great to see you've got her riding again! Hows the cornering clearance on the left side now with that centrestand foot arm thingy?
:lol: That old exhaust cracks me up...looks like something a teenager made in metal shop :lol:

So you recon You've spent some cash on it do ya? I'm just lucky I have a patient and understanding mortgage or kids helps also :cool:

Looking good my friend, cant wait to ride one myself.
Here ya go mate, the bushing width is 34.5mm (after powdercoat).


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Chroming is expensive but worth it IMO. I'm spending 4 digits on all things chrome on my resto. Felt like I was passing a kidney stone when I got my quote but it really is the frosting on the cake if you afford it.
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