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1976 CJ360

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I wanna make this a rider. I have already started cleaning it up some. It has silver paint on the engine and wheels. I already have the rear rim cleaned up. I do not know why it was painted because it is nice and shiny chrome under the paint. No rust on that one. The front is a bit harder to clean due to the paint being heavier and there is some rust scale on it. I am not sure how nice I can make the engine. Right now i do not plan on taking the engine out or disassembling it. I will clean what I can. It does run. I have tuned it and changed the oil already and took it for a short putt up and down the driveway. I do need to get a front tire due to weather checking. I have mirrors on the way and a new shift lever (the one on it is mangled!). I also have a center stand coming from a 75 CB360. I figure it should fit. I just need to figure out where to hook the spring on the frame. The exhaust I have coming is a MAC 2 into 1 system. It says it will retain the centerstand and oil filter access. The muffler was full of holes. I am still looking for a seat lock. That is missing. There was a small tear on the seat so I stuck a small patch on it.

I also may need the rubber bushings for the handlebar mount bolts. The handlebars wobble back and forth. I need to tighten them up somehow.

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hogie said:
... I should do some cleaning in there while I wait for the parts....
Nahhh - then you wouldn't be able to find anything !
hogie said:

So, will I be able to find that diaphram????
Yeah, they're still available from Honda.
Sadly, the diaphragm is integral with the slide, and they'll cost you $80-$90 each......
You done good, Gary.
It should be nice when you're finished.....

Those carbs aare a real bite in the rear, for sure....
What's that guitar you're playing there, O Bearded One???

Looks like you were at the Peter Paul & Mary tryouts??
Yeah, those bags are from Leather Up, I believe??

Though I have bought a couple of items from them, I cannot recommend them.
I needed to return an item, so I filled out all the paperwork and jumped through all their hoops, but ended up without the item and without a refund.
They are extremely slow to respond to any queries or problems.

Like I said, money down the toilet for me........
You'll have to get some adapters - these are cheap, and you leave them on permanently.
Pretty sure you need 5mm, but check to make sure.

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hogie said:
Yes, I am calling this next week and if they have extended the back order, I just may cancel and get my refund. The last time they told me that I will have to wait no matter where I order this exhaust. That MAC always does this. One hell of a way to do business if you plan on staying in business!!! Has anybody else heard this? It made sense to me when he said it due to the fact that I bet there are not too many people ordering exhausts for a Honda 360. I have seen the same exhaust on Ebay for sale too. Wonder if they have it ready to send or if they have to order it as well.

Why didn't you just order them from Mac ??
360fan said:
I tried to get EMGO reverse cone Dunstall replicas for my cb360 right from the dealer- backordered 4 times stretching out 2 months before I cancelled the order. EMGO won't let you buy direct, have to go through a distributor. I STILL have no mufflers yet!(I really want those rev-cones, they're sweet looking, just have to find a new supplier.)
Try these guys, in Indy - I use them a lot, good people.
Call them (a nice lady will answer), if they don't have them they'll tell you so, as well as how long it will take.
They carry a bunch of Emgo stuff.
Be advised that the Emgo Dunstalls are fairly loud, quite a bit louder than the RoadHawks...........
hogie said:
It says the vacuum should be between 16 and 24 cmHg. Would that correspond to the 225 mm?( I am terrible with converting metrics....) The guages say that normal should be between 18 and 20 inches. Where the needles sit now at idle the guage has the message "late valve timing or leak at intake manifold or heat riser". What does anybody have to say on this?

In the context of these old bikes, the actual reading is irrelevant.
Just worry about making them the same.
It would work the same if there were no units at all on your gauges, just lines.........
hogie said:
Thanx, guys! I will look into how much it will cost me to get those headers re-chromed. There is some light pitting on them. How can I clean them for the re-chroming process? Do they have to be absolutely smooth?

The re-chromers will take care of it - nothing much you can do to prep them, they need a very harsh chemical treatment.
krukster86 said:
Let me know how much they charge you for that. I am considering it but I think it may run a bit too much for my liking :?
It's VERY expensive, at least around here.
It cost me about $125 each to rechrome a pair of CB200 exhaust pipes only.
This was at Brown's in Paducha, KY, who specialize in bike stuff...
Fast and high quality, but pricey.
Yeah, re-chroming is horribly expensive. The price I mentioned did not even include the mufflers, just the exhaust pipes.

They first have to strip off all the old plating, then do the copper/nickel/chrome plating thing.
It's a lot of work and a lot of highly regulated (EPA) chemicals.......
Yeah, the Road Hawks bark pretty good when you get on the throttle.
But they can be quiet too, at lower rpm in the city.
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