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Hey guys

i know a lot of you have probably seen my threads about this very bike, and sadly it has just become too much for me. she took my heart and soul and stomped on it. And just when i thought she loved me again, she stomped on it again. I can no longer bare it.

for those of you who don't know the bikes history ill give you some background so you know what you are getting yourself into.

I bought this bike around 2 years ago now, maybe less. It was my first bike and i did not know any better. They guy told me to put gas in the tank and a new battery and she would fire right up. I paid way too much for it and it had not been given a once over like the seller told me it had. It had been sitting in a garage for 30 years and probably never touched, but at least he had the for sight to take the gas out of the tank before letting it sit. the inside of the tank looks pretty darn good.

When i did finally get her going, i discovered, on my first test ride while it was back at home, that second gear wouldn't work. it wasn't slipping, it just simply wasn't working. Flash forward 14 months and iv got the bike all back together after replacing the transmission and shifter forks. one of the forks had been worn down flat and wouldn't allow it to push one of the gear sets far enough. after that she was running grate for a time. Little oil leak, but it wasnt enough to make me worried. though it proved to be my downfall.

fast forward to about 2 months ago, im riding home and i hear a terrible noise. I pull over and get the bike towed to the shop i hang out at. I check the dipstick and she had run dry (on the dipstick, not all together). Filled her up with oil and kicked her over. sound continued but then slowly went away in a matter of minutes. Just to be sure, i got the cam chain adjusted, valves adjusted, static and dynamic timing done as well as a carb sync. all the sounds were done, but its now burning oil out the right cylinder. My assumption is that it is valve seals because the compression checked out at 155 (L) 150 (R) which i know is under spec, but still gives me plenty of power. Unfortunately the oil in the right cylinder is making me foul plugs so i cant ride it anywhere and be assured ill make it home. I don't have the time or the money left now to fix what needs to be fixed so im hoping one of you fine chaps would want to take it off my hands for me.

i had it on CL for about 2 months now for 2500 and 2300 and got no bites. not one. i know that's not what ill get for it, but i figured someone would want to haggle with me at least.

So im no longer set on a price. Id like to hear some offers or see if anyone is interested in this for their winter project. it has a clean title and aesthetically is perfect. It is all original(excluding the speedo and tacco which have a chrome outer cover for some reason). Recently put a new front tire on it, new throttle and clutch cable, new chain as well. Previous to the burning oil problem, the carbs had been cleaned and had a new kit into them.

i would prefer someone who can come and pick her up as i do not have a truck and dont want to pay for shipping. thanks for reading fellas.
oh im also open to trades for a cb550

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