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Up for sale is my 1975 CL360. I bought this bike roughly 5 years ago to learn to ride and put a few hundred miles on it before buying a 'new,' reliable bike. The bike has a carburetor issue I can’t quite figure out and is simply too far down on my priority list, so I’ve decided to sell. I’m confident someone who knows carburetors could turn this into a reliable running bike, but right now it’ll need to be trailered/trucked home. The bike is complete, and will run, though I don’t consider it driveable.

Would make for a good project or, worst case scenario: a parts bike.

Asking $800, but all reasonable offers will be considered. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Good:

  • Clear title, in my name (title shows an odometer discrepancy because the gauges don’t always work)
  • The engine is 100% complete, turns over freely, and does run (more on that later in the bad section).
  • Even in current condition, usually starts right up on the first or second try using the kickstarter
  • New ignition points and condenser
  • Almost all the bike’s parts are there, with the exception of:
    [*=1] Original mufflers, which were replaced by the previous owner with the ones you see in the picture.
    [*=1] Original turn signals, which were removed by the PO, and replaced with signals off a Triumph.
    [*=1] Possibly other things that are escaping memory right now.
  • It’s a Honda twin, with high pipes (though they are ‘custom’ mufflers)

The Bad:

  • Bike is 40 years old and definitely shows it in some places. Keep this in mind for anything not specifically mentioned as working.
  • Front forks need to be replaced
  • Front fender is dinged up
  • Tires are of unknown age, and the rear is rather squared off.
  • Brakes probably need adjusting, I’ve never touched them and they’re pretty weak, especially compared to my ‘modern’ Suzuki
  • Electric starter does not work
  • Gauges seem to be unreliable at slow speeds, and are a bit loose in their mounts. Odometer shows 1,897 miles, but title shows 14,000.
  • Air filters are very beat up, and the previous owner ‘fixed’ them with duck tape. You’ll want to do something about that.
  • There is a minor oil leak from the engine somewhere on the left side.
  • Shift lever is bent
  • There is a carburetor/ fuel delivery issue. The bike starts just fine, and promptly revs up to around 4 or 5k RPM without any throttle input and stays there. Everything I’ve read on the subject points to an air leak, but I simply can’t find one. The boots between carbs and engine don’t appear to have any cracks and still feel flexible (not brittle). I’ve pulled the carbs, checked the seals, replaced most of the wearable parts and don’t see anything wrong, however I am not a carburetor expert. I also have not rejetted the carbs, which maybe should be done because of the ‘custom’ exhaust.

    The issue appears to be specifically with the right carburetor, and if I send fuel only to the left carb the bike starts, idles, and revs properly (as properly as a 360cc engine will when it’s firing on only one cylinder). I can send you video of it idling in this state.

    Overall, this would be a good project bike for someone with more time and carburetor expertise or someone looking to do a custom café racer.

    This is very much a "what you see is what you get" listing, so if you have any questions or want more pictures/video, please ask.

    Thanks for looking!
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