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1975 CB500T
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First time poster here. Picked up a CB500t recently with 6k miles and relatively little rust. Previous owner was a firefighter with plans to turn it into a cafe racer but never got to it. As much as I love the cafe racer aesthetic, my plan is to keep it as stock as possible. I have no doubt I will have the opportunity to build a cafe racer in the future, and I could not bring myself to chop up this beauty. Got her running the other day so engine is good.

This is my first Honda (and vintage bike in general) so thoughts and suggestions are welcome.

general cleaning/polishing/derust/protection
brake caliper rebuild (pads, pistons,
airbox and filter install
ignition system refresh (coil, condenser, points, plugs)
new tires and chain
new seat cover
asses wiring condition / new connectors
paint tank
engine and fork oil change


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I’ve just bought the same bike...blind on eBay, and in far worse condition. I’m seriously questioning my decision, but I wanted a long term project and that’s almost certainly what I’ve got!

Interested to see what you do with the bike 👍🏻

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1975 CB500T
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  • completely stripped down and painted frame
  • polished engine block
  • rewired most electronics
  • new handlebar
  • new brake pads, orings, and lines
  • new ties
  • new rear shocks
  • fork oil change
  • engine oil change duh
  • new petcock
  • new upholstered seat
  • new chain and sprockets
  • disassembled tach because of stuck needle
  • new fork seal
  • new turn signals
  • master cylinder rebuild
  • rebuilt oem air filter with foam instead of paper
  • countless hours with a wire wheel dremel blasting rust off of every surface imaginable


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