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Hi everyone,

I have a 1975 CB200T that was running fine up until last weekend. I rode it to my office over the weekend about a half hour away. About half way on my return trip home, it completely lost any throttle response while riding at about 50 mph. I slowly came to a stop (not that the bike was giving me any choice in the matter!), so I pulled over, pressed the electric ignition and..nothing. It was turning over very strongly but just wouldn't start. I waited a few minutes and it started right up like nothing had happened. I kept riding and got to about 5 minutes from home and it did the same thing again. I went through the same routine and eventually, it started right up again.

I'm not sure what exactly could be going on. When it's working, it's like nothing is wrong. When it does happen, I get little to no response from turning the throttle, and by little, I mean perhaps a blip when I'm trying to get it started. I initially suspected that it may be that I wasn't getting spark, as I've had ignition issues in the past. When I checked though, both spark plugs were sparking very well, though there is a strong scent of gas on them. They weren't fouled, which I also suspected may be the issue.

If anyone has any idea what could possibly be happening, I'd truly appreciate getting pointed in the right direction. I'd be more than happy to answer any follow up questions that anyone may have. Thank you in advance!

Recent maintenance:
  • new rectifier
  • new battery
  • new ignition coil
  • carbs cleaned, rebuilt, synced
  • ignition timing set
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