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1974 CL360- cincinnati $1100


good, clean, unmolested condition.
11K miles.

i've only had the bike for a few months, having purchased it this spring with the intention to get it going and ride. but it was unexpectedly superseded by another bike i ended up purchasing. really don't have time for both.

bike was gone over thoroughly by a bike shop in the dayton, ohio area about ~2015; at that time having done:
tune-up, and fluids changed
new spark plugs and caps
new fuel lines
new petcock
new tires and tubes, and rear shocks
new battery
new handlebars
newly upholstered brown leather seat, beautifully done (on the original seat pan).

do not have title (it was apparently a "barn find"), but there are straightforward, inexpensive, and legal ways of getting this done without having to deal with local DMV for new title; all explained to me then researched and validated before i purchased it.

does not run at this time, but the engine turns over fine. per previous owner it ran well in 2015, but then wouldn't start up last year; he speculated that there was some crud in the petcock and/or carbs from tank. i would agree- i drained the fuel out of the tank upon purchasing it in spring, and here recently removed and inspected the petcock and found debris in there which surely would block flow of fuel. it was cleaned out throughly and is now wide open.
(i do have previous seller's contact info if one wanted to discuss the bike more with him).

included in sale are a stainless steel bolt kit from common motor collective, for the engine case (replacing the original phillips head screws with get cruddy looking over time). extra NGK plugs. and extra grips (italian made brand of some sort).
i have electronic PDF files for the owner's manual and service manual.


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