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I need a little help to think outside the box. I'm not familiar with CB's. Here's what I have:
1974 CB360 purchased from a friend that sat outside for a year with gas in the tank.
The bike ran before it was parked.
New ignition, new tires.

I took the tank off, removed the gas and cleaned the tank out. The I replaced the lines and put filters on each.
I took the carbs apart to look at and clean out the jets. The carbs appear to be in sync.
Floats are set at 18-19mm
Spark plugs are gapped at 0.029
I have good spark and the compression seems strong
Starter fluid and a few kicks and she started up and idled.

Problem: It idles with some backfire and sputter
Upon acceleration, it bogs down and and wants to die
It seems like it will idle if I leave it alone.

Where should I go to next?

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Low battery, vacuum leaks are common issues. Charge the battery. Right off the charger volts should be about 13.6. After sitting a while it should be 12.6. If not, battery may be needed. Start using kick for now to keep from depleting battery.

Are plugs good ? Points clean? Timing good? Timing advance working?

Vacuum leaks at rubber carb boots can cause this. Out of sync carbs. Vacuum gauges are needed for good sync, eyeballs are not good enough.

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