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1974 CB 360.... first bike.

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He guys, new here, and i just picked up my first bike. It's a '74 Honda cb 360, i bought it for $100 bucks. It hasn't been ran in 4 years but i spent several hours going over it today and feel confident i can get her going. I started with checking over wires, fuses and changing the fluids. I'm picking up a battery tomorrow as the one on it can not hold a charge. The bike has seen better days and is missing a few things (mainly front turns signals broken, mirrors and a new seat) but after my initial attempt the engine did turn over, so here's to hoping. I'm looking forward to riding something i restored myself as a first bike. If you guys have any pointers or heads up I should watch for, I appreciate any input.
Here's some pics so you have an idea what I'm getting into. :)
[attachment=0:3v5q6dsd]CB 360 6-24-09.jpeg[/attachment:3v5q6dsd]
[attachment=1:3v5q6dsd]2 Cb 360 6-23-09.jpeg[/attachment:3v5q6dsd]


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If you're gonna restore it...first thing you'll need to buy is a digital camera. That phone camera aint gonna cut it bro, you'll be relying on details in those pics to reassemble. Good luck by the way..theres plenty of 360 action flying around here at present, so I'm sure most of your questions will be answered :D
Now now boys...thats no good for team morale :(
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