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Honda CL175 used gas tank. This tank is from a 1973 CL175 but may fit other year CL175's. This tank was a Honda dealer take off and sat on the dealer's shelf in dry climate controlled storage for many years. It has been sanded with 320 and primed with PPG K36 acrylic urethane to prevent flash rust. The complete bottom area was bead blasted (see picture showing bottom before priming) to inspect seams for any corrosion/leaks, and none was found. There was one very minor dent from storage on the right side that has been filled. It was more of a depression that you could feel with your hand, and it would have been impossible to photograph. The inside is in very good condition, only shows minor corrosion on bottom seams. Inside has been left bare and not lined intentionally so that the buyer can line the inside using his own preferred method- I would use POR15 myself. Fuel tap threads are in undamaged condition, as are the fuel line crossover tubes. Why spend hours of messy labor dealing with a rusty or badly dented gas tank? This is a prime candidate for a paint job for your vintage Honda Scrambler. Yours for $80 plus shipping from the Chicago, IL area. Reply directly to: [email protected] for pictures. :D
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