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1973 CB175 K6 Ready for Restoration Price Reduction!

Circumstances have changed and an unexpected move is forcing me to try and find a home for this bike quickly. I want to try here before going to Craigslist, so I'm cutting to asking price to $250 OBO.

I've owned this bike since 1973. It's has only 13,252 miles on it. I've used it only in warm dry weather. When not in use it's parked in a garage. It's never been dumped or in an accident and has passed Virginia inspection every year. Last Fall, on my final ride of the season, I lost power in the left cylinder. I assumed it was electrical, so last week I installed an new coil with cables, new plugs and condenser. I added new gas, oil, re-gapped points and started it up. Still only the right side was working. I ran a compression test and found the right side at 135 psi cold, but nothing on the left side. A visual inspection through the spark plug hole seemed to show a hole in the piston.

Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to restore the engine and must find a good home for this solid candidate for a full restoration. I know I could make more money parting it out, but with a clean title and needing only a new piston I would rather sell it intact with the hopes that it will run again.

I just put in over $100 worth of NEW parts and it has a clean title as well as a 1 year old battery! If you don't want to rebuild it, this would also make a profitable parts bike at only $250 obo.

The bike is in Herndon, Virginia and I can be reached at 703-707-0901
Dick Dyszel


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