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I am her father and the only parent she's ever had. Was living in a suburb of a smaller city when I bought her. Shortly thereafter I moved to a major metropolitan area and was scared stiff to ride her. Would get her out of the garage every year, wash and wax her, crank her up and go for a ride around the block. Moved to the shore of Lake Erie and have been turning about 100-150 miles a year for the past 6 years - over 250 this year. She's completely original except for a new petcock, clutch cable and miscellaneous screws, nuts and bolts. Even the tires are original. Speedometer Tachometer Gauge Vehicle Measuring instrument
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Motor vehicle
Every spring it feels like she's born again. Thanks for watching.

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Change your tires - they have a shelf life and dry rot.

Or Up your Insurance and make me the benificiary
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