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1972 CL175 (K6)

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Here's an update on the bike since joining the forum and posting my member introduction. I'd say I'm a little over half way through the new bike checklist (Basic Checklist for that New to You old Bike), and thank goodness for all the things it tells you to check.

I freed up the frozen clutch (thank you longdistancerider) but might need to end up replacing the discs as the clutch is still stiff and doesn't like to spin freely with the lever depressed (even with adjustment). Is that normal?

The fuel tank is back on (with new fuel lines/tubing), but when attempting to start the bike to see if it would now run better with all the love, no luck. There is spark on both cylinders and good compression, so I'll be checking for fuel problems after I post this.

One final question that is on my mind. I used 10W30 in the front forks like the FSM said, but I've never heard of using it instead of fork oil. Should I use 10W30 like the FSM says or would anyone recommend a better option for fork oil?

Thank you all for your time and your help! I thank especially, longdistancerider and ancientdad for personally reaching out to help me. I hope to get this bad boy on the road soon enough.


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The behavior of the clutch is most likely normal, it's a multi-plate wet clutch that only disengages a few millimeters and always has some "fluid-friction" feel to it. Even when the engine is warm and running in gear with the bike on the centerstand, if you pull in the clutch lever the rear wheel will continue to spin unless you hold it still with your hand, foot or the rear brake - totally normal.
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News since last post:

Bike stopped running again and nothing I did could get it fixed. Thankfully my more experienced friend volunteered to come by and had it running in a few minutes.

As soon as we were fixing to take it out for it's first test run, the RPMs started rising out of control and we had to hit the kill switch to keep it from going over redline. Just as with my last post, I searched the forum here and found lots of great information on what might be causing this.

I tightened both intake manifolds to make sure there was no air leak there, felt for exhaust somehwere it shouldn't be, and checked for stuck throttle. None of those were the issue.
I then took out one spark plug at a time (maintaining ground so they would still spark) and found that only the right cylinder would rev out control while the left one would run fine and idle normally. Therefore I figured it was a carb problem with the right carburetor.

After taking apart and cleaning the right carburetor, the problem was solved. It idles correctly and the revs don't rise uncontrollably.

I forgot to take pictures of the work unfortunatley so this will just be a text post. Thanks again for all the help here on the forum!
Another happy ending (y)
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