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Hi there

My name is Pedro and I'm from Portugal. I've just bought my very first motorcycle - a 1971 CB250 K3 - for a reasonably cheap price, but with all things cheap, it's got issues.


The bike starts and runs quite well, but it doesn't drive: I can't use the clutch to change gears. When I squeeze the lever and the cable is pulled, the mechanism inside (parts 6-10) pushes the sprocket cover outwards, not activating the clutch. This happens because there are two screws missing from the bottom on the cover (#16 on the diagram).

View attachment 195994

Upon close inspection, I now realize that the previous owner welded the shifter joint directly to the spindle (!!) and now I can't take the cover off to see what's wrong apart from the missing screws.


Does anyone have any advice on how to approach this without killing the spindle?

Thank you!
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