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Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself and my bike. I just purchased my very first bike this past Tuesday. I paid $900 for a 1970 CB450 in beautiful Candy Gold with under 10K miles. Well, it used to be beautiful before the dents in the tank and until the break fluid was spilled on it, and other miscellaneous scratches. Has some pitting on the fenders, and to a lesser extent the exhaust pipes. Anyway, it runs, but not great, has good compression, no rust inside the tank, all the lights work, the breaks work well, the seat is in fantastic shape, and it has the original tools which I am told are hard to come by anymore. I have to clean out my transfer station, I mean garage, yet before I can keep it at my house, but I have it at a buddy's garage who reconditions old bikes to raise funds for mission work. He's got a lot of tools, 450 shop manual, and space so its probably better its there anyway. So I am not working on it everyday, but have instead been avidly reading these forums trying to prep for the upcoming repairs and maintenance. I was glad to find this site - lots of great information and knowledgeable helpful people. We have some great roads up here in the Seattle area; I hope to have this bad boy road worthy and worry free by next spring; I don't think I will have the time before the rains come this year.

I'll post some pictures as soon as I figure out how that works, but in the meantime some things I'll be working on:

[EDIT] How about a link to some photos instead.

* Needs some cosmetic attention - cleaning and polishing, dent removal, rust removal, and new paint
* Headlamp retainer and lens needs replacing
* Needs a tach cable
* Handlebars are bent - or else i have bigger alignment problems. Probably will go with some drag bars.
* Carbs cleaned and synched - it won't idle without the choke partially opened
* Appears to be leaking slightly out of one of the front fork seals, and the dust boots are dried out and split in multiple places
* Clutch lever is held by a cotter pin, and at a minimum the cable needs some lubrication as it is a bit stiff
* Cam timing - has a little clatter in the top end which is the most concerning thing I've noticed
* Battery and charging system needs going through - trickle charge over night only yields about 30 seconds of engine turning the next day

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