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For sale is my 1970 Honda CB350 twin (K2). It's a head turner, and a great runner.
Completely rebuilt by arguably the best vintage Honda mechanic in the midwest (Jason K. at Motoworks Chicago)
I have the receipts for the top end rebuild, and proof the bottom end and case were completely inspected as well.

Mostly stock except for some reliability upgrades such as:
-KA Slipper style cam chain tensioner and new cam chain
-Charlie's Place electronic ignition (no more points!)
-Bored out cylinders after blown ring to .25mm over
-Bore-tech .25 mm over pistons and rings
-In-line fuel filters
-Newer Shinko tires
-Professionally Rewired all indicators, lights, speedo and tach
-New cables and euro bars installed (comfortable unlike clubmans)
-New battery

Pros: Beautiful, loud, and rare
-seat is comfy and in excellent condition.
-Engine has 500 miles on complete rebuild and is very reliable (for a 50yr old bike)

-paint isn't perfect on tank and misc. areas around front forks and headlight bucket.

$2500 obo
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I am very interested in your bike. I am researching now the best way to get it to Maui (Hawaii)
I have found shippers from Denver to Maui. In order to get the ball rolling I need your zip code.
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