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Great forum, always really helpful. The wiring diagrams and parts manuals have been invaluable.

I have the dynamo exposed now, and before I get behind it I would really like to see the shop manual and will need all the torque specs. I've looked all over but no luck downloading anything, and even went to the library to see if they had the Clymers M321 for general guidence but also no luck.

I thought I had my 1969 cl125a ready to go after full rewire, putting lights back on, moving everything back to 6V (half was 12V?), NOS cables, seat pan rebuild and recover, carb rebuild, lots of parts put back on along with a lot of cleaning. The bike ran and shifted before I got into it, but after sitting I suspect the clutch plates are stuck together. I tried various suggestions in the forum, rocking in gear, bumps, etc.

I drained the case and I'm not sure what was in there, sort of a red tint, so I'm glad I'm into but want to be careful with the dynamo, wiring, etc.

Most on EBAY are $70-$100, need something under $30 and will get it if I can find it, but I'm stuck for now w/o some sort of reference.

Thanks in advance!
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