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Hello! I am in the middle of my 1969 CB350 build (my first bike build) and I am coming up with an overwhelming amount of questions, so here I am.

Recently I decided I wanted to upgrade the forks on my little bike, but have found all the information online sofar to be a bit confusing. I know CognitoMoto sells some conversion kits, but as I have a budget on my build, I am not able to purchase everything from them. Sofar, the idea of a swap makes sense and seems pretty straight forward. However, where I find the most confusion is in the wheels. Here are some of the questions I have:

What are some upgraded forks I could run, and still use my stock front wheel?
Which aftermarket forks support a "tracker" style bar setup as compared to clip ons?
Are inverted forks that much better?
If I have to swap my front wheel, how do I go about swapping the rear in order to ensure safe riding, and that everything is lined up?

I have my eyes on a pair of "02-03 Honda CBR954RR CBR 954 COMPLETE FRONT END FORKS SUSPENSION TRIPLE TREE" forks listed here on Ebay:

I stumbled upon these forks after checking out the All Balls Racing conversion website:
Screenshot (47).jpg

Let me know your thoughts about what my next move should be! I am really excited and eager to learn more and get this thing rolling. Thanks for your time!!
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