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Hi everyone,

I have a CL175 K0 that I'm in the process of rebuilding. I'm looking for a new gasket and o-ring set and have been confused about what parts I should get, and who I should order from.

Honda CB175 K0 CL175 K0 CD175 CA175 Gasket Set Complete | eBay

This gasket set states that it's for the K0, but the price kind of sketches me out. Does this seem like the gasket set I should order? Would any CL175 gasket kit work? Some people list the later year gasket kits as compatible, but I'm not sure. Would a CL/CB160 gasket kit work?

What about the oil seals? I can't find a set that is specific for the K0.

I'll be grateful for any help!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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