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OK, so I have a running (kinda) 1968 CB175K0 sloper.

I also have a frame, various bit and bobs for the same bike. I want to build another.

So here's the deal, I'm looking for an engine and tank, front forks and a front and rear fenders, a headlight bucket and exhaust.

This isn't to be a purists dream restoration. I'm thinking of doing a period bobber/cafe with period performance or modern race parts on it. I am not looking for top notch parts that I'm then planning on cutting up. If I can find original parts in good/great shape, they'll go on my current bike. The stuff I'm thinking of 'bobbing' or 'cafe-ing" (there's a word for you) will be limited to items that are beyond reasonable repair... or repopped aftermarket shyza...

True to form Honda dipped into the grab bag of available parts to build this little bike. From what I've gleaned, and please correct me if I'm wrong, the greatest commonality of parts are between the CL and CB 175. There are also some CB160 bits that share commonality with this bike.

CL bits I can use:
Headlight bucket
rear fender
sloper engine
wiring harness
all steering stem parts
rear brake lever
front clutch and brake controls
front axle

CB160 bits I can use:
Front fender
Rear fender
All front and rear controls
Engine and carbs in a pinch (she'll just need more machine work is all)

Stuff specific to the CB175 but, that are common to later versions
5 speed transmission

Stuff specific to this year and model of bike
fenders (chrome CB160)
Exhaust (like hens teeth these things are)

Any assistance would be appreciated.


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I've got a set of 175 sloper exhaust, although they're cut off at the muffler. They've got some rust, but will clean up with some elbow grease. They've got the collars and a frame mount. $40 + ship. And I have a CL160 tank, got some dings and could use a cleaning and paint. $25 and ship. Got CL160 front and rear fenders, rear is complete with tail light and wiring intact, front has some rust, but I think they are both pretty straight. $30 for rear, $20 for front. Got a few more bits and pieces around, no engine, no carbs though. Shoot me a PM if you are interested and we can work something out if you want the lot. Cheers.
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