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I didn't get nearly as much time to work on the bike over the holidays as I had hoped but I was able to make a little progress.

I was finally able to wrap up the front brakes. The first brake cable I had installed (a reproduction cable purchased from Scrambler Cycle) broke the first time I squeezed the lever. I’m just glad it happened in the garage and not out on the road. I purchased and fitted another reproduction cable from David Silver Spares.

After the brakes had been adjusted I installed a 530-H chain from RK and reinstalled the chain guard.

Next it was on to the exhaust. The original headers and mufflers were not salvageable but I was able to source a used set of headers for cheap on eBay. Unfortunately they are in pretty rough shape so I am still on the hunt for better set. I’m using a pair of Emgo Dunstall replica mufflers that I had on hand from a previous project and I was able to modify the included brackets and mount them to an existing mounting point on the frame. The right side was very straight forward but the left side was contacting the crankcase. It turns out that the header I was using on that side is slightly bent.

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