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Bike is currently disassembled. Engine freshly rebuilt this winter. 1mm overbore, fresh pistons/ rings, valves lapped, fresh cam chain & tensioner, Bike is all there except muffler (cut off by a PO) it does have the head pipes. I started restoration about a year ago and have just lost interest. I have waay too much $$ in the bike and am ready to cut my losses and move it along. Fenders are straight and primed tank is very clean inside & needs a few very small dents repaired & new rubber side panels. Seat is a new replacement cover and fits very nicely. Email if you want pictures of anything. I would be able to deliver at Mid Ohio Vintage Days in July. I paid 1000 for it two years ago ( at Mid Ohio) and have put another at least another 700 in it. I need to get my initial investment back out if it or I'll put it back together this winter ( and still lose $$ on it lol). I DO NOT HAVE A TITLE FOR THE BIKE. But.. included in the sale is a titled, straight CL175 frame.
Jim Jordan
[email protected]
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