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Hello everyone, helping out a friend in the community who is trying to find another home for this 1967 CB450

You can see from the image gallery linked above that the bike hasn't been registered since 2011, looks like she never got to ride it around NY ... probably better that way! From what I understand she bought the bike, started her portion of the restore, and just lost track of time. She is attempting to clear house. I was at the christmas the year she got her Mikuni's ... plenty of stuff to go through, potential buyers will be connected directly to her.

Here is a little bit of sales copy from her description ... bike was originally a California bike, it was bought, transported, and then garaged in NYC while it underwent some light work.

Ideally price negotiations start at $6900

Frame # CB450-1012992
Engine # CB450E-4109983

During the restoration, the engine was removed, cleaned and detailed. All of the side covers, cam covers and valve covers were removed, polished to add a little bling and re-installed with new gaskets and screws. The frame was thoroughly cleaned and painted. The silver fenders and side covers have been painted to match Honda's original color. Front fender has a visible paint scuff that I have tried to show in a picture. The original gas tank is in excellent condition inside and almost looks new (see pic). The outside of the tank was painted to match the original color. The original chrome tank covers were re-chromed.

The new tank badges and gas cap are quality reproductions. The rubber knee pads are supple and in excellent condition. The headlight bucket mounted speedometer and sealed beam unit are in excellent original working condition and unique to the K0 model. The original handlebars, controls, steering stabilizer, mirrors and levers, all look good and work properly. The exhaust system shines well and sounds good but has several dents. I meant to replace the mufflers with a new reproduction set from for $600 a pair, but never got around to it. The seat has been restored with a quality reproduction cover and strap.

The original strap buckles are re-chromed and rivets replaced. The original air filters were replaced with foam Uni filters. The seat hinges are old original rubber mounts and need replacing to operate properly, but they still work fine for me. The front and rear brakes work fine. The rear shocks are very clean and chrome looks near new. The headlights, taillights, gauge lights, switches, electric starter, kick starter, charging system and horn work properly with the exception of the Hi/Low beam switch which is stuck in low beam position. The wiring harness is in good condition with some terminals replaced and mostly original except the rectifier and starter solenoid.

The original grey cable housings are in good condition and work properly. The rims are true and shine well with some small rust spots in places, but look good overall.
New front and rear vintage style IRC tires
Carburetors rebuilt with new jets, inlet needles/ seats and gaskets
New spark plugs installed
Oil changed
Valves adjusted
Petcock cleaned and rebuilt with new seals
New battery
New handlebar riser bushings
Rebuilt starter clutch with new springs and pin
Repaired side stand
The previous owner turned the odometer to 0 miles and now it only has 25 miles on it since the restoration. He told me this was his Grandfather's bike since 1967. The bike had been in storage for many years, but was in reasonably good condition when he got it. He had done some restoration work in 2007 and replaced the engine. He rode the bike occasionally to work and around town over the last few years. Due to a leg injury he was no longer able to ride and thus sold the bike. He included the receipts to support his claim. These documents, new title, new bill of sale, manuals and toolkit are included in the sale.

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