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1965 305 Dream

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What is the official model designation for a 1965 Honda 305 Dream. I guy I know has offered me this bike that he says is in 'restorable' condition. He's a modern day racer who works at a bike shop dealing mainly with Italian stuff.

He said there was something unique about the fuel petcock screws on this bike and he had been unable to source the bolts/screws for it, but that it should run without to much work.

I have not seen this bike but if all the parts/pieces are there would this be a value at $500 or so?
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Thanks Steve, that's the site I was looking for. Maybe I can save it properly this time. :)

How's the used bike market for restored Dreams? Can a person make any money on these things? The model designations sure seem screwy. I never paid much attention to the 305's other than the one my dad had just before he bought a CL350 around 1970. The only thing I remember is that it had a funky kickstarter the he had to kick forward towards the front wheel. That and the fact that he broke a rocker arm when riding in the hills of So. California.
66Sprint said:
Mike, If you are buying any bike to restore and re-sell for a profit, I'd advise against that purchase...... Most of us do this for "love" because the investment in time, effort, and dollars far exceeds the possible financial returns.....
You'll have $4000 plus many hours work into a $3000 bike......
On the other hand, if the bike work is your relaxation from "real work"............It could be worth it to you..............
I know what you mean about the time/value aspect of this restoration stuff. I'm comfortable with my knowledge of the post 68 350/450 market but I don't know much about the value of the early 305's.

You are correct, I like these bike because I grew up when them and I like how they look and how easy they are to work on. My goal is to build up a little stable of bikes that I've owned, or wanted to own back then, and then enjoy them when friends come to visit and we can go out and 'do it old style' :) .

I sure wish my dad's health was such that he could enjoy the bikes I'm working on now. But, at 81 and a lifetime of smoking it just isn't meant to be. It's kind of ironic that the last time he came out here from Portland, OR we went for a ride together on some back roads. He rode my wifes Suzuki GS500 (air cooled twin) and was doing well until he got tired after about 3 hours and fell in a slow, tight corner. It was just like the old days but the roles were reversed. I was picking him up and tending his wounds while calling my wife to bring the crash truck to haul the wreckage home.

He never rode again except around his neighborhood on his electric three wheeler. :)

Thanks for you candid thoughts.
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