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1965 305 Dream

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What is the official model designation for a 1965 Honda 305 Dream. I guy I know has offered me this bike that he says is in 'restorable' condition. He's a modern day racer who works at a bike shop dealing mainly with Italian stuff.

He said there was something unique about the fuel petcock screws on this bike and he had been unable to source the bolts/screws for it, but that it should run without to much work.

I have not seen this bike but if all the parts/pieces are there would this be a value at $500 or so?
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Mike....This page will help with the exact designation:

I wouldn't pay that much, but I have a strict $1 per cc rule for " salvagable" bikes... $300 would be as high as I would go sight unseen...... If it looks pretty good "in person", $500 doesn't sound too high ( I'd offer $450 BUT, it MUST have a clear title for that amount)...... Steve
Mike, If you are buying any bike to restore and re-sell for a profit, I'd advise against that purchase...... Most of us do this for "love" because the investment in time, effort, and dollars far exceeds the possible financial returns.....
You'll have $4000 plus many hours work into a $3000 bike......
On the other hand, if the bike work is your relaxation from "real work"............It could be worth it to you..............
Here's the bookmark for all the Hondas....

:cool: Steve
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