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Hello, everyone - been a long while since I’ve been online here, but it’s great to be back on. This is where I come for motorcycle inspiration and ideas, especially when the weather finally stabilizes... Quick question - my trusty Motobatt AGM battery finally died (partially from neglect and not having maintained it well over the winter). Couldn’t find a direct replacement locally but found a 12v / 14 Ah (rather than 12 Ah) AGM that should work in terms of physical dimensions also. Plenty of cranking amps. May be overkill but it’s what I could find readily that would fit. My only worry is whether the CM400C will work well with a larger capacity battery (will recharge it adequately, etc.), and I certainly want to avoid any damage also. Can I swap like this, or should I stick to the closest thing possible to a direct replacement for the Yuasa 12-12?

Thanks for your perspectives. Safe and happy riding.

Best wishes,
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