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12th overbore piston pins- can stock honda be used

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the overbore pins that come with the large pistons are really thick and much heavier than the stock Honda. Can the stock Honda pins be used ok? the piston bosses are large and thick, and it seems silly to increse the mass of the piston assembly by such a large factor. the fit is exactly the same, no slop there (see below!), and Hondas are a little shorter but not much, 1/8" ?

soemone also told me the pin holes are supposed to have a clearance of .oo4" but I don't think sooo...0004" I asked? no, .oo4". ok i said. good to know. :)

so anyone know about this? seems to me increasing the reciprocating mass a lot would be more likely to cause bottom end or top end failure in the rod assy.

thanks, bw
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The stock pin will be shorter....the difference may allow it to shuttle side-to-side and eventually "hammer-dislodge" a circlip....Teflon "buttons" may be the cure.....maybe not....
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