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‘71 K3 (self inflicted) shock problem

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Hey there guys- my first post although if overcome some issues reviewing earlier posts.

Rebuilding a ‘71 350 K3. Learning by making mistakes. Today while installing fork seals (which I achieved) I thought disassembly was achieved by removing the small Phillips head screw at the underside of the fork where it sits on the axel.
I had to use an impact driver to lose that screw - seems that was a stupid idea- the screw broke free but now turns freely without coming out.

I don’t know what I’ve damaged but I can tell that this fail will cause a leak - what is the solution… is there further disassembly still required or should I have that place where the screw is welded over; I’m at a loss - can anyone help?
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I know it doesn’t show on the parts fisch … I’m baffled - I don’t know what else is down in there - the screw spins freely (loose) but doesn’t thread out.

Initially I thought I broke the head free of the shank but no, the head is still connected to something.
I do see a tube inside the bottom tube but I’m afraid to go any further at this point.
suggestions ?
This is the fork type.
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I’m not pickin up what ur layin down…. help a bit more please-

there is a tube inside the bottom tube / are you saying the “tool” I must fashion will be inserted into that inner tube to “hold” something?

I can try that but I don’t know what or how to fashion …. Anything else helps save me… is there a description of the unseen interior you can provide???
Service Manual… I’ll look. I googled several attempts don’t show a ph I’llllips acres- only an Allen head .
mine does not have the Allen bolt - it has a Phillip’s screw.

I found this but still don’t clearly understand how to resolve my issue. I’d prefer to simply tighten and move forward but I don’t know how to accomplish

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Ok .. I’m feeling optimistic now - I just want to tighten as I’ve done the fork seals and that’s enough.

what I take from the reply’s is insert a dowel (or broom handle sized wooden tool) which will hold the inner tube steady while I tighten the screw.

I’ll try this tomorrow and get back on the thread to advise if it worked. Totally appreciate the assistance - awesome ! JD
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Ray- thanks for the photo (that’s helpful) and excellent advice -
Im going to get at this later and will come back to explain results. This has all (everyone has) been very helpful - much appreciated. (I’m doing an epoxy lining on the tank today). JD
Hey - thanks everyone for the feed back - it’s been phenomenal - I was worried I had screwed this one up but the feedback here saved tons of worry. I did as advised and - total success- did it ever feel great.

a couple of photos to prove it .. and to make the photos clear in the event I can assist another rookie..instead of a broom handle I used a pliers in the inner tube. The pliers have a soft grip handle which allowed a slight angular and tight fit with a “handle”
That was offset to resist the torque of tightening.

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So I’m getting close to complete (l wager I’ll h
need more help with that soon too!)
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Thanks again. JD
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