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    Anyone happen to have a decent Cylinder Head for a Cl360? I wrecked the Cam Journals in my old one, and the engine i just ordered off ebay arrived with fins broken off during shipping :/ still waiting on the insurance to figure that one out. Let me know! Liam
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    How do Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I'm wondering whether there are any UK owners out there with a decent spare cam sprocket assembly that's gathering dust and that they might be persuaded to move on. A lack of experience on my part and some woefully poor service...
  3. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Howdy, I am looking for a cb 175 engine. The one on my bike seized and my friend is taking it apart and we're considering doing a top-end rebuild and rebore, but I'd much rather buy an engine that turns over and swap it out. If you've got one for sale, please do let me know.