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wont start

  1. 73 cl350 wont start

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi everyone, My 1973 cl350 wont start and I'm trying to see where to begin diagnosing the problem. The last time it was running (last week) it was idling low and would die until it warmed up a bit and lose power in low gear. It felt like the clutch was not being fully engaged and would stall at...
  2. 1973 cl350 wont start

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello, I just bought a 1973 cl350 and after riding it around town for a bit it was puttering and cutting off when I stopped at a light and it was really hot. The next day I tried to start it and nothing happened. The starter pins popped out of the ignition switch so I replaced the ignition...
  3. Replaced cm400 Solenoid...Now Push Start Unresponsive and Bike Still Doesnt Start?

    Engine Discussion
    When i went to start my 80cm400 the solenoid was clicking. Sprint66 aka Steve was kind enough to talk me through diagnosing the solenoid was the problem over the phone last week. I ordered a solenoid from an 81 cm400a and installed it, and now when i push the start button nothing happens. The...
  4. 1982 Honda CM 450 Custom - Spark Issues?

    Engine Discussion
    Hello everyone! I just recently purchased my first project bike (a 1982 Honda CM 450 C) that up until recently ran pretty well for its age. I am a novice as far as mechanics go but I am trying to stay ahead of the learning curve. I think it could be a spark problem because the bike will...
  5. Cb360t had it started, now it wont. Please Help.

    Engine Discussion
    For all you gear heads out there I need your help, I got this bike a few months ago not running, rebuilt the carbs got a new battery adjusted the valves and put it back together. and it started 3rd kick 5500rpm so after adjusting it down and transporting it, it wont start :( Now Ive takin apart...