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wont idle

  1. 1980 CM400, Hard to start, won't idle

    Engine Discussion
    Hi all, first post here so if this is a repost please move to the right place. I have a 1980 Honda CM400, was running beautifully, then I parked it for ~6days and when I started it again it refuses to idle. It is also has trouble turning over (electric start) it struggles, then turns over...
  2. 71 CB450 Wont Idle

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hi all, Have a 1971 CB450 and am having troubles getting it to idle. I believe its a carb issue vs an engine issue because I can turn out the throttle adjuster linkage and get it to idle ~4K. Things Ive done so far to try and fix it; Completely cleaned and rebuilt both carbs with rebuild kit...