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  1. Engine cut offs

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey y’all, I’m trying to trouble shoot an issue at idle where I hear an audible click and the engine shuts off. It sounds almost like an electrical short or something but I pulled the tank and checked all the wiring to find nothing. Are there any shutoffs I might be unaware of related to the...
  2. Wanted - cb350 left/right handlebar controls

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    I am in need of new controls with good wiring for my cb350 k3. Working condition, but exterior doesn’t have to be perfect. Need the controls with the clutch/brake lever attached. I’ve searched eBay and found nothing in decent condition. Please PM me with what you have! thanks!
  3. Headlight and rear tail light died out

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi guys, recently purchased a 1979 CM400t. Earlier I was trying to install rear turn signals but when I was fiddling with the wiring, I noticed when I would bump the wires that connect the tail light to the rest of the wiring the tail light would go out. The previous owner wrapped the wires with...
  4. 72 CL450K Tail Light Issues

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello: I'm new to this and troubleshooting on an old bike is a bit challenging. I have followed some earlier threads that are close to the problem I'm having — My current taillight is not original, it's a recent purchase and styled to look vintage. When all the wires are plugged in, the it is...
  5. Free Open Source Battery Box / Electronics Tray For CB350

    Electrical Discussion
    I’ve worked out the proper lithium-ion battery size that will work with the Rick’s set. It’s a Shorai LFZ14A2-BS12 (14ah). I’ve designed a battery box in Adobe Illustrator that will work with no modification to the bike frame. Features a designated box to hold the Shorai BS-12 size battery...
  6. ignition switch amp rating

    Electrical Discussion
    I am currently building a cafe racer out of a 1972 cb350 twin. And I run all LED lights and a a Ricks Rectifier and Regulator hooked up. As of right now I making a wiring harness. I would like to run a main wire direct to the battery to the Ignition switch and then to my fuse box so everything...
  7. Absolute mess of wires = Confusion

    Electrical Discussion
    Where to start, I guess you'll probably need to know what bike this post refers to... 1978 CB400T HawkII -TLDR at bottom- Bought it as a project a couple years ago, with little to no experience and expectations through the roof. Since then I've got it to start and idle, although not...
  8. Honda cb450 lost in the wiring

    Electrical Issues
    Bought this bike awhile back with a seized engine. Swapped it out with and engine out of a cl but swapped the rotor and stator our of the cb. I’m lost on how to hook up all the engine wires. Sorry new to vintage motorcycles.
  9. Brake lights broke off at handlebar

    Electrical Discussion
    I've got a cb400t here that is all fully restored and ready to hit the road and just the other day I noticed that the brake wires that attach to the handbrake (front brake) got stripped out of the casing that they were in. When I got the bike it was already wired up to the handlebars so I didn't...
  10. Tail light No brake light

    Electrical Discussion
    I recently dumped all my wiring into a bucket under the seat.... or what I could get into it. Everything works and runs except the brake light. Mystery. It worked up till the mod. I traced the green/yellow and black wire to the brake swtich/spring to their proper mates in the main harness but...
  11. 1972 CL350 Tail light issue

    Electrical Discussion
    Okay, The brake light works normally, but the tail light only comes on when the ignition key is all the way to the right. the attached pic shows two open wires (unconnected) running to the rear end, I don't know if that would have something to do with it. everything else electrical seems to...
  12. CL125 Lighting Beam Switch Wiring Question

    Electrical Discussion
    I am replacing the switch with an aftermarket switch. The current switch has 8 wires. There is a Blue, White, Brown, Yellow, White/Yellow, Black/White, and 2 black wires. Here is what I know... The Blue wire is the high beam and the White wire is the low beam to the headlight. The Brown is...
  13. 92 CB250 CDI Wiring from scratch

    Electrical Discussion
    New to the forum, hope you guys can help me out. I searched the forum, but no luck. So I'm trying to help a friend with his project. It's a custom trike with a '92 CB250 Nighthawk engine. The wiring is just hacked up bits and pieces, and I need help getting it wired to run. I have a wiring...
  14. 73 350 headlight and toggle replacement wiring

    Electrical Discussion
    i'm trying to figure out what i'm wiring what to what for this 3 toggle switch and a new halogen headlight. i know my white and blue are my low and high. they go directly to the 'on' prongs on the toggle i believe (correct me if im wrong pleaase) green...where does green go? and the 'off'...
  15. 1985 Rebel 250 Wiring Redo - Electric Boogaloo

    Electrical Discussion
    Greetings Honda people! As promised in my introduction this will be my first project for my 85 rebel--fixing the wiring the PO so graciously dismembered for me! So lets start with the spaghetti left by this meatball: Mama Mia! All I wanted to do was remove the electronic speedo/tach that he...
  16. Point Wiring Confusion

    Electrical Discussion
    I was going to set the point timing today when I noticed something odd. The left point is connected to a yellow wire and the right point is connected to a blue wire. In every diagram I've seen of the ignition coils it's just the opposite - the left coil connects with a blue wire and the right...
  17. No spark on right side with new coils

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello, so i was having sparking issues on the left side and noticed the leads were fried so i replaced both coils with new caps and spark plugs. The weird thing is that after i installed them they were both giving spark and that was awesome, but when I went back the next day to go for a ride, I...
  18. points power problem

    Electrical Discussion
    I am having a problem with the ignition section of the wiring. Bike is an SL350 k-2, new points, condensor, and coils. When testing for power in the order of connecting the wiring power to coil is good, connections to coil/condensor is good, but when connecting the two point wires one side...
  19. Parking/Brake light stuck on

    Electrical Discussion
    Completed an install of new headlight and front turn signals after removing an aftermarket fairing from PO. This is a 1979 CM 400a for my wife; first project was to clean up the carburetor with new gaskets, jets, etc. With that done I moved on to the fairing and lights but ran into a spiderweb...
  20. CB450 K5 RH Controls Ground question??

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey guys, so after a fiasco with those EMGO universal handlebar switches, I decided to go back to the stock Honda ones that originally came on the bike when I purchased it. I know they work, (or did before I replaced them in my build). I replaced the stock bars with clipons, (black anodized)...