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wiring new switch

  1. Starter magnetic switch bypass

    Electrical Discussion
    I am completely redoing my electrical, so far so good, just cleaning things up. However as I'm moving through my wiring diagram I noticed the starter solenoid. Something my bike is missing from when I bought it, however I actually don't want it. I want to do kick only and have a hidden kill...
  2. Absolute mess of wires = Confusion

    Electrical Discussion
    Where to start, I guess you'll probably need to know what bike this post refers to... 1978 CB400T HawkII -TLDR at bottom- Bought it as a project a couple years ago, with little to no experience and expectations through the roof. Since then I've got it to start and idle, although not...
  3. 1979 CB400T typeII-Wiring new control switch and front end components

    Electrical Discussion
    Ok gents, I've hit a snag with this wiring... I've scanned the Electrical forums and didn't see anything that related to my issue. Basically, I've mapped out what goes to what and in relation to my new components, I have spark going to my plugs when i kick it over, brake light works, But the...
  4. Help! Switch wiring problem

    Electrical Discussion
    First real post on this forum (outside the intro) and it's a biggun ... :) For several reasons I won't go into we've had to wire a new left and right hand switch though none of the other electrical stuff is changed. Right hand switch is all good, but there's a problem discovered today that is...