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  1. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Latest project is in the title, figured I’d throw this out there for anyone looking to unload some stuff. Open to anything & everything, but looking for body stuff in particular: fenders, tank, side covers (in orange). Cheers
  2. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    I was hoping to find someone giving/selling for cheap parts for this bike, I'm on a tight budget and haven't gotten a job yet so I am working on this slowly. I am needing: Side covers Headlight plastic bowl, left horn handlebar assembly, mirrors I can't afford a resto, so I will leave it...
  3. Bikes and Parts For sale
    i need a frame for a 1967 cb160. can anyone help? im hoping to keep it under $100. thanks! -colin
  4. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Wanted: Carb body for CB400a Hondamatic. Keihin c VB24A, 28mm. Thank you. Jon
  5. Parts For Sale
    Like the title states, I'm looking for this stuff. Side covers can be rusty and crappy, don't care. Would like decent used pipes. Please let me know what you have. I'm in Northeast Ohio and am willing to drive a bit to pick up. Thanks.
  6. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    I know someone here must have one in decent condition. What i'm looking for: No pitting or leaks, solid unit, little surface rust is ok, does not need to have the heat shield in tact. So, if you have one that you're getting rid off OR it's just sitting in your basement/garage I need it! Shoot...
  7. Parts For Sale
    Looking to buy complete airboxes (left and right, with all the little doo-dads) for '75 CB360. I'm in Edmonton, Canada, and will happily pay for shipping if the pieces are in good shape. If you've got these parts, please be in touch. My email is [email protected] Thanks! -Tim
  8. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Looking for either a 2-2 or 2-1 header pipe(s) set and mufflers for a 1974 CB450. Prefer black, but will accept chrome.
  9. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Howdy, I am looking for a cb 175 engine. The one on my bike seized and my friend is taking it apart and we're considering doing a top-end rebuild and rebore, but I'd much rather buy an engine that turns over and swap it out. If you've got one for sale, please do let me know.
  10. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Hi, I am looking for a clutch cable for a 1976 Honda CB200t. The replacement cable I purchased online has an 8mm adjusting nut that connects the cable to the crank case and it needs to be 10mm. If you have one or know of one, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will pay top dollar as this...
  11. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Wanted;Parts for 82 Honda cm450a Looking for a few parts. Speedo head, Carb insulator boots and I believe its called the neutral safety switch.
  12. Parts For Sale
    I'm not sure if I can post "wanted" in this forum or not but these parts are hard to come by unless I want to pay 50$.. My gas cap latch broke and it seems NO ONE can repair it and I have a tear in one of my diaphragms. :/ I live in Missouri so if anyone could help me out or point me in the...
  13. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Looking for a top bridge or anthing from another year that will work. If you have one for sale and KNOW it will work on my '71 CB450 please let me know. Thanks!!!! or top bridge from '75-'76 CB500T or pre'78 CB750/4's
  14. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Hello everyone. I'm looking for a complete engine, or even just a complete long block for a CB175. Must have good compression, and be in good shape ready to run. Doesn't have to be sparkly clean or absolutely perfect. Just need something that will get the job done. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  15. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Hey my friend recently used my bike to run into a car (he is fine), and bent up the forks. Also smashed the headlight bucket/ring (surprisingly the headlight itself is intact) Looking to replace those parts, especially the fork tubes, or just the entire fork assembly. It is a 1973 CB 175...
1-15 of 15 Results