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  1. Idea For Increasing Torsion Bar Preload

    Engine Discussion
    Got my valves from the shop and they aren't leaking. Great! Now I need to get the torsion bars sorted. Here are the torques I have. LE: 48 in lbs LI: 58 in lbs RE: 80 in lbs RI: 52 in lbs I was able to shuffle with another set to get the one good one but I'll have to do something with the rest...
  2. CB175 Timing Chain Broken / Engine Disassembly

    Engine Discussion
    Hi! A while back, I was riding along on my 1970 CB175 at about 50mph and my engine stopped working all of a sudden. I killed the ignition immediately and towed it home. Turns out my timing chain broke due to it being too loose. I tore the engine apart and bought a new chain, but now I'm...
  3. CB500T - New Valves? Suggestions?

    Engine Discussion
    Guys, Has anyone bought new valves for their CB500T? If so, do you have any suggestions on where to go? I know David Silver Spares & Common Motor, just fishing for any other suggestions ... Thanks as always ... Bill
  4. 1973 CL175 Piston Replacement

    Engine Discussion
    Hello All, I have very little experience working on motors so I decided to take a running 1973 CL175 apart (I have a lot of experience being dumb). Now I need some help (Surprise!) Compression was really low, ordered .50 oversized pistons and had it bored out. Easy Peasy. I'm looking at...
  5. Fresh rebuild: Oil in tailpipe, low compression, no carbon in left cylinder

    Engine Discussion
    Ok. So the bike in question is a 1974 CB360. I just finished the rebuild after a catastrophic cam chain failure. I missed a step in setting the cam chain timing and had a valve hitting the piston while hand cranking. I fixed the timing before ever kicking or starting the bike, but the contact...
  6. CB 350 K3 Oil Burning

    Engine Discussion
    Hey everyone, I purchased a '71 CB350 K3 last year and got it running for the season. It was burning oil after it warmed up all last season in both cylinders (Right more the Left), but I kept ridging hoping maybe the issue would resolve it's self with some use. Not the case. This winter I...
  7. CB500T Valve Adjustment Problems

    Engine Discussion
    I finally attempted a valve adjustment on my 76' CB500T, as the valves have been pretty noisy ever since I bought it. Following the shop manual, I rotated the generator counter clockwise until the LT mark aligned with the index mark. Then because I thought the mark on the camshaft aligned with...
  8. 73' CB350 PISTON replacement --- to bore or not to bore?

    Engine Discussion
    Hi all, This is my first exercise in motorcycle mechanics and I'm pretty excited. I bought this bike last year and rode it for the summer. In August it puttered out of me at half-power and I new that one of the pistons was not functioning. On inspection as you can see there is a big ol'...
  9. Next step for my CL350 engine?

    Engine Discussion
    Hi all, I'm new to this awesome forum. Lot's of good info but I still need some help. The CL350K4 didn't run when I bought it but the previous owner said that it had been running good a couple of years ago but he knew that the carbs were a mess after sitting for a while. I cleaned and rebuilt...
  10. New member from Australia.

    Member Introductions
    Hi. Have never owned a bike before and have recently purchased a 75 cb200. Original bike with only 3000km's on the clock. This bike starts and runs pretty well, the problem that I have is that I removed the valve cap to set the gap and while putting it back on I over tightened it and broke the...
  11. Loose valves? What issues do they cause (if any)?

    Engine Discussion
    Hey guys, I recently adjusted my valves and found them to be waaay out of spec. Was wondering if this has any specific symptoms other than a noisy top end? Would this result in too little air flow into the cylinders/fouled plugs? Thanks, Jon
  12. 450 nighthawk top end woes

    Engine Discussion
    so I just had my valves adjusted along with the cam chain and a new front tire. so when I pick up my bike from the shop the valves have quieted down a lot bike sounds a lot better than before. He also adjusted the idle on the carbs, he said one cylinder wasn't firing at idle. the bike idles...
  13. CB360T Valve Adjustment Frustration!

    Engine Discussion
    I am having the worst time trying to adjust my valves. I bought a set of feeler gauges that are all flat. I am pretty sure I rotated the engine to the right point where both of the valves are about half way up at LT and T and I waited a whole day before working on it. I started it up which...
  14. Missing Valve Screw - Fell down the cam chain

    Engine Discussion
    So i went to start my bike up this spring, i put in my battery and started kicking. Then it stopped, just jammed up. I found that one of my valve adjusters was missing. It had fallen out and was jamming it up. I took the head off and found the nut, but the screw is missing. I think it fell down...
  15. Possible bent valves

    Engine Discussion
    Hey everyone! i have a 72 CL175. It had a blown head gasket so we (a buddy and I) decided to replace it. After fixing that and not knowing how to set the time properly, we assumed incorrectly and set the time 180 degrees off. Would this have lead to bent valves? I know the valves hit the...