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  1. '73 CB200 Left Cylinder Running Rich and Firing Mega Poorly

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Howdy Honda Twins Forums, I’ve been banging my head on this problem for days now, and would really like some advice from those more experienced: I’m working on my 1973 Honda CB200. Currently, the right cylinder is firing like a dream (so far as I can tell with my hand over the pipe)...
  2. 1968 CL175 Carburetor relief valve missing

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    So I'm working on an old 68' CL175 and after taking off the carbs for some inspecting, I noticed that one of the carbs is missing the little flap on door of the choke valve. After digging through the shop manual I think I've figured out that it is the relief valve. It looks like there may have...
  3. Valve guide question - cb450

    Engine Discussion
    I'm in the middle of rebuilding a 1974 cb450 engine and have come across a strange problem. Quick background: engine being rebuilt because very bad compression and poor leak down results on cyl 1. Disassembly showed hole in top of piston. Cyl 1 exhaust valve sticks in the guide as the valve...
  4. CB450 Valve guide cap replacement

    Engine Discussion
    Posted in my project log - but in case it doesnt get any traction there: Trying to replace my valve stem seals - the cap that goes over the valve guide - and it doesn't appear to fit correctly. It doesn't seat all the way. Sitting loose with the only the fork holding it doesn't feel right...
  5. '84 CM450E Strange valve problems

    Engine Discussion
    Hi everyone, thanks for looking. I have a 1984 Honda CM450E that I bought with 39,xxx km on it and have put 12,000 km on it since. It's hardly needed anything in the way of maintenance. So far I've put a new rear tire on it, done 5 or 6 oil changes, changed out the plugs, new air filter, new...
  6. Check Valve Clearance Head Off CB450

    Engine Discussion
    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone has adjusted the valve clearance on a CB450 (K6 in this case) with the cylinder head off the rest of the engine? If so, is it different than how you do it when the engine is assembled? The reason I ask is that I had the seats cut last fall and the guy who did...
  7. CB360T Valve Adjustment Frustration!

    Engine Discussion
    I am having the worst time trying to adjust my valves. I bought a set of feeler gauges that are all flat. I am pretty sure I rotated the engine to the right point where both of the valves are about half way up at LT and T and I waited a whole day before working on it. I started it up which...
  8. Replace tire valve spindle

    Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    This randomly popped out while topping off my front tire and I have no idea how to replace it or which size to purchase. I saw a video talking about replacing these without removing the tire, but it was for cars and I'm not finding a lot of follow-up information. Does anyone have any knowledge...
  9. 1972 CL175 Carb Screw Positioning

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hey everyone! I have the service manual and cant seem to find the stock positioning for the air/fuel mixture screw and the idler screw. Does anyone have this information? It would be greatly appreciated. I redid the head gasket and after some trouble with the timing I am now having carb...