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valve adjustment

  1. Smoking and smell after valve adjustment

    Engine Discussion
    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a 1979 CM400T. After a bit of riding, I noticed that there was some ticking/knocking coming from the engine and after research I came to conclusion that I should try adjusting the valves to address the problem. Upon opening, I used the feeler gauge and none...
  2. CB350 Valve(s) Opening at TDC

    Engine Discussion
    Hi, I've tried looking through this forum and couldn't find anything involving this issue for my 1971 Honda CB350 regarding the valve adjustments. This bike was previously owned by a little old lady who babied it. It had low miles and is unmolested. That being said I rebuilt the carbs...
  3. Another new SC guy

    Member Introductions
    Hello All! I live in Easley, SC (not to far south of Greenville) and recently-ish picked up a non-running 1972 honda CL-450. Got the bike home, dropped a batter in it, replaced a blade fuse some one hacked into the harness and the bike tried to run... but poorly, so now I am here. This is my...
  4. LT mark is not on the Compression Stroke?

    Engine Discussion
    I am rebuilding my 1971 CB350 K3. I am at the point of adjusting my valves and want to make sure I haven't made a mistake someplace. I still have the head cover off at this point. For the Left side I have the line on the Cam Sprocket horizontal and the little tab on the cam facing up. The LT...
  5. Basic ignition tune up for honda 350 and 450 twins (How to videos)

    Tune Up
    Late 60's early 70's Honda CB CL SL 350 450 twin cam chain tensioner adjustment tutorial. Honda 350 450 twin timing advance unit inspection and repair tutorial. Everything is right but bike won't run or no air leaks and your bike still won't idle down? This will fix it. Set dual points...
  6. Engine not staying on compression stroke. HELP!!

    Engine Discussion
    So I am trying to tune the engine on my 71 cl350, but every time I try and rotate the engine to the compression stroke it gets very loose and doesn't stay on the LT mark and shoots past it. I have to force it to stay on LT so that means I can't do a valve adjustment properly since I would have...
  7. engine makes a "ticking" sound – '71 CB350

    Engine Discussion
    I went for a ride yesterday on my '71 CB350 and met a guy that had owned the same bike when it was new. He commented about the "ticking" noise that my engine makes. Since purchasing the bike a month ago I have checked the cam chain adjustment, adjusted the valves and set the points (to the...
  8. 500t oil in tail pipe and knocking in engine

    Engine Discussion
    I made a huge mistake... Im utterly embarrassed to even admit to it but for the sake of figuring out what i messed up, im going to swallow my pride, set aside the ego and hope that you will all forgive me. I had a very slow oil leak. Every night id get home id put the pan under the bike. I was...
  9. Missing Valve Screw - Fell down the cam chain

    Engine Discussion
    So i went to start my bike up this spring, i put in my battery and started kicking. Then it stopped, just jammed up. I found that one of my valve adjusters was missing. It had fallen out and was jamming it up. I took the head off and found the nut, but the screw is missing. I think it fell down...