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  1. Engine Discussion
    Here’s the video of the damn wretched noise Hey guys! I’m new to this amazing community. I have a 1972 CB350 (K4) Twin that I recently acquired. She runs great, but she has a couple of issues that i’m not sure how to diagnose. She starts up fine warm, but does have some starting issues when...
  2. Bikes For Sale
    I am selling my 1974 Honda CB200. I bought this bike as a project a couple of years ago, and while I had a great time building it to its current state, I do not have time to ride it or push the build to the next level. This bike has a decent amount of character, with some minor surface rust on...
  3. Bikes For Sale
    Complete bike - but will need top end work, still a strong runner @ over 120psi compression - missing exhaust tip. Full description in ad: 10K original miles. Nearly spotless frame, marginal corrosion and rust. Video Link: *WILL NEED...
  4. Pictures and Videos
    Made some clips about my honda last summer for you to enjoy. Spent last year to restore it to new glory and think it really worked out fine.
  5. Engine Discussion
    Hi, I have a 72 CL350 getting a fresh stock rebuild. I now have everything needed except a new cam chain and tensioner. My bike is mainly going to be a 3 season daily whenever the weather allows it, averaging 65 MPH or less and estimated 5000 miles a year. I'll probably do a quick pull to...
  6. Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hey there, someone tried the Keihin PWK series on the 350s? Found nothing on the search function. So long, Jan
  7. Bikes For Sale
    Posting Craigslist ad for convenience: 1965 Honda Benly "Dream" Nice bike, rebuilt petcock, new gas cap (seal was rotten), new fuel line, new battery. Tires are in great shape and rides and shifts smooth. Just looking for another project or something else fun. I have 9 bikes at the moment...
  8. Engine Discussion
    Does anyone have a diagram or something that shows the name of each engine part on a cb450? i'll be taking it apart and i want to make sure im referencing the correct parts with the torque specs and the service manual instructions.
  9. Engine Discussion
    Hello everyone. I need to know how to tuneup CD125 Twin motorcycle engine.Value clearance Adjustment,Carb tuning,point adjustment .... and so on..Please give me some Instructions Thank you very much..This is the the bike model..
  10. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Hello all! I own a (surprise) 1969 Honda CB350 Twin. I was wondering if anyone had parts for sale. It needs a new everything, and nobody around where I live sells vintage parts. Attached below is a picture of the bike when I got her. A real beauty, eh? Anyways, as you can see it's missing a lot...
  11. Engine Discussion
    Hello everyone, my first bike is a 1969 Honda CB350 Twin. I have the engine almost completely apart, but need some help. I have no clue how to remove this oil tray thingy. Again, this is my first build and I don't know the proper terminology. Any help for removing it would be welcome. It is very...
  12. Engine Discussion
    Decided to crack my engine open on my 1970 cb350 twin after a few oil leaks led me to needing to replace gaskets. The right side of the engine always had a problem firing, and now looking at the pistons, i'm curious if there has been too much damage done. I've newby on all of this, so...
  13. Bikes For Sale
    I recently picked this bike up with the end goal of restoring it. Unfortunately, my wife wasn't fond of the idea. She says I have too may projects currently (03 rc51, 74 cb400f cafe, 76 cb750 chop). I picked this bike up from a guy really down on his luck. He had owned the bike since the...
1-13 of 13 Results