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turn signals

  1. 3 blinkers working, 1 blinker doesn't

    Electrical Discussion
    Okay I've been thoroughly searching for some direction with this issue and just want some advice on where to start....i've currently got 3 TS flashing (dimly and fast) and the front left does nothing when switched on for TS. Also when left on running lights only the opposite filament stays lit...
  2. LED Turn Signals Not Working When Headlight is on.

    Electrical Discussion
    Bought a new HALO headlight and LED turn signals for my '76 CB360t. After installing them, the LED's would come on but wouldn't flash. Installed an LED flasher and now they'll flash. The only problem is that they only work when the headlight is turned off. Not sure if it's an issue of power...
  3. 1982 cm200t front turn signals not turning on at all

    Electrical Discussion
    Okay so the problem is that neither of the front turn signals will light up at all. Previously both worked fine and flashed properly. The rear come on but do not flash. I have unplugged both and plugged them both in and one did flash for a moment, until the flasher wound up and clicked...
  4. installing aftermarket turn signals and running lights -- suggestions?

    Electrical Discussion
    So in customizing my 1982 CB450T all at once, I seem to have caused a problem as I am now not quite sure as to where to start diagnosing my problem so that I can fix it. Basically, I have replaced the speedo and tach and the turn indicators. Also replaced the rear brake light / running light...
  5. '73 CL175 - Both front turn signals flashing at same time

    Electrical Discussion
    I recently purchased my '73 CL175, and found the left front turn signal full of water. I dried it out, cleaned it up, and put in a new bulb (1073) that matched the other signal lamp. Both signals are flashing at the same time in the front. Rear turn signals work perfectly. How do I fix this???
  6. Aftermarket Turn Signals CB160

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi all! I'm brand new here. My wife recently won a '69 CB160 on the game show Pawnography (with Rick and the Pawn Stars). Cool, right?! We have had it a few weeks now and had to do a little work to get it going, but it is running pretty great and looks good too! Now, we are looking for a...
  7. How I converted 2 wire turn signals to 3 wire (with pictures)

    Electrical Discussion
    I wanted to replace my stock black front signals with chrome ones. I ordered a set from ebay that stated they were compatible with my Cm400a and they looked identical in the pictures (except chrome instead of black). When they arrived I discovered they only had 2 wires and were single filament...
  8. turn signal/running light issue (NOT LED) CM400A

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi Guys, Brand new to motorcycle and working on them. I've done minor electric (car stereos etc) on cars and I can solder poorly, but have always made it work. (modded PS1/original xbox anyone?) I'll try to be brief but I'm happy to provide as many details as required/requested as well as...
  9. Installing used tail lights need help

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi! I bought some used tail lights off ebay for a decent price and everything seems to be alright with them i just need a little help installing the wires. The lights I ordered were taken from a 1980 cm400T and my motorcycle is a 1980 cm400E so I figured they'd be compatible. My problem is...
  10. 1979 CB400T typeII-Wiring new control switch and front end components

    Electrical Discussion
    Ok gents, I've hit a snag with this wiring... I've scanned the Electrical forums and didn't see anything that related to my issue. Basically, I've mapped out what goes to what and in relation to my new components, I have spark going to my plugs when i kick it over, brake light works, But the...
  11. Box of parts for CB350's (miscellaneous clutch cover, signal lights, controls)

    Parts For Sale
    Have a neighbor bring by some parts from a CB he had year back. Box contains a bunch of different items. Turn signals, handle bar controls, rear drum brake, clutch cover and cable, other random items. Will give pictures up in the morning. PAYPAL only as this is the easiest form of payment.
  12. New signals flash like hazard lights....

    Electrical Discussion
    I'm currently cleaning up a CB360. I just bought a head light and new signals off of ebay. The turn signals are 3 wire fixtures (Red, Black&White, Black) with dual filament bulbs. Same for front and back (I know that the back of the bike does not use running lights). When I wire them to use the...