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  1. Making a dual taillight function as turn signals

    Electrical Issues
    Hello all. New to the forum, new-ish to bikes, ultra-new to wrenching and electrical work. I have a '74 CB 125 that I've upgraded it to 12v. I'm keeping all the stock parts, but just for fun I'm switching out some things to give it more of a "brat" look (with no irreversible modifications) -...
  2. Turn signals not flashing!

    Electrical Discussion
    I recently noticed that the turn signals on my 75 cl360 do not flash, the light turns on, but its a just a solid light, no blinking. I first expected the turn signal relay to be the culprit, especially since there are only two connections, when there are three wires(black, white, and green)...
  3. Another turn signal issue

    Electrical Discussion
    First off, this is a first for me both to the form and also posting to one. I'm at my wits end trying to figure out this signal issue on my 1972 Honda 350f. I've had this bike for close to 10 years now and had to fix a number of things on this bike. Problem is that I've never been too good...
  4. '81 CM400e Part Out

    Bikes and Parts For sale
    Hey Guys! I am in the process of building a track bike out of my 1981 CM400e and have stripped it down to the components I will keep. I have: Swingarm and brace-$20 Rear Tire with drum brake hub and axle-$35 Front Tire with brake drum and axle and brake cables-$35 Front Forks with upper...
  5. Turn Signals

    Electrical Discussion
    Alright, I'm sure this has been posted before, but I can't figure out the exact search terms to find what I'm looking for. The previous owner of my wife's 81 CB400T had removed all the turn signals from the bike. I ordered some cheap ones off Amazon (two-wire), and I can see the wires in the...