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  1. Engine cut offs

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey y’all, I’m trying to trouble shoot an issue at idle where I hear an audible click and the engine shuts off. It sounds almost like an electrical short or something but I pulled the tank and checked all the wiring to find nothing. Are there any shutoffs I might be unaware of related to the...
  2. 1981 CM400E summer project help

    Member Introductions
    Hello all, its cyr. Super super grateful to have found this form, very eager to tap into the knowledge of anyone who has any to spare. First post on this form so here is my go at following the list.:p 1.) Location: West Texas. 2.) Year, Make, Model: 1981 (Honda) CM400E with 11,198 miles Lets...
  3. CL360 shifting issues

    Engine Discussion
    Hello, I am asking for help to troubleshoot an issue with shifting my 1975 CL360 with 6-speed transmission. It runs great and most of the time will upshift without issue. When accelerating in the upper rpm range, the shifter will not always engage the next higher gear. It will find a neutral...
  4. Riding with Justice, Test Drive his CB450

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Justice gets his 1972 Honda CB450 put back together after some serious engine problems and technical difficulties. He can't wait to take it for a Test Drive on a cold spring day.
  5. Ridin with Justice, I dropped a gear!

    Engine Discussion
    Ridin with Justice is an adventure. Keeping an old 1972 CB450 running is a challenge, especially when he's hard on parts.
  6. 5th gear slipping

    Engine Discussion
    Hey all. I have a 1972 CB350. Just recently the transmission has started slipping while I'm driving in 5th gear. It acts as if the clutch were being pulled in and released periodically despite not actuating the clutch. I have adjusted the clutch tension to where I feel confident that when the...
  7. CB450 / CB500 Gearshift Spindle the same??

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Just discovered a broken gearshift spindle on a 1971 CB450 (the part that engages on the shifter, about an inch from the pivot joint), two questions- would the gearshift spindle from a 1974 CB500T work (I have a donor engine) and other than general fatigue what might have caused this break? Just...
  8. Whining noise coming from the right of the crankcase, please help.

    Engine Discussion
    First off, im new to motorcycles and auto repair in general but i want to be more knowledgeable and start doing repairs on my own. So any advice would be greatly appreciated. I started noticing a whining noise coming from the crank case or more or so where the transmission is of my 1974 CB360...
  9. Ever had your cb350 stuck in neutral and unable to get into gear?

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hi all! I found a real gem of a 1972 cb350 and have been performing a few basic new old bike fixes. The bike had been lightly ridden its entire life and well taken care of - although had sat for a bit over the past couple years. While change the two oil seals on the left side (the pushrod and...
  10. 1969 CL350 : Aura - Redux

    Project Logs
    Well since I finished my CL350 build I have uncovered a few little issues that I must address so that I can improve the safety and reliability. So today I completely tore everything back off down to the motor. Initially I didn't conceive that I would essentially have to break it down this far...
  11. Cm400 1980 Please help ! STUCK TRANNY ???

    Engine Discussion
    Im working on a 1980 cm400 that seems to be seized somewhere in the transmission. The clutch will pull, but as soon as its in gear the whole thing will "Lock" and there is no turning the tire even with the plugs removed ! like I stated clutch will pull but the bike wont move when released. That...
  12. Neutral Engagement Issues?

    Engine Discussion
    Howdy folks, Brand new member here, but I've been perusing the forums of this site for about a month now. I just purchased a '72 CB450 and have been having a blast with it, what an awesome bike. Anyways, I went on an 80~ mile ride today, and everything was running wonderfully until I got back...
  13. CB450/500 Race Gearbox

    Parts For Sale
    I have decided to swap out the gearbox from my newly built Drixton 500 for a Nova 6 speed and I will have the current gearbox for sale shortly. This gearbox has a beefed up third and fourth gearset (500 ratios) out of Europe and a Cappellini low ratio 5th gear installed. It will come with the...
  14. CB360 Shifting Issues

    Engine Discussion
    Hey Guys, Today I tried to see if my neutral #10 ball was causing my transmission to not go into second gear. I pulled the number 10 ball out and low in behold, the transmission click above second. As I ran through the gears, all of a sudden the shifter lever stopped actuating the shift drum...
  15. 1974 CB360 Trouble Shifting

    Project Logs
    Hey Guys, I have a 1974 Honda CB360T, I recently got it up and running, and shortly after the transmission decided that it does not want to go into anything besides first and neutral. I was wondering if you guys could tell me where to check first. I am a bit of newbie when it comes to...
  16. 1978 CM 185 Twinstar pulls the kickstarter down

    Engine Discussion
    Hey there, I´m having this issue with my 1978 CM185T. When i put it in first gear and start to go, it pulls down the kickstarter and leaves it down making a sort of ratchety noise. I can avoid the kickstarter being pulled down if I hold it with my foot, it doesn´t push it or anything, but while...
  17. Help identifying part

    Engine Discussion
    Hey there. I'm putting my transmission and crank case back together and have a part that I cannot identify. I can't seem to find it in diagrams. In the attached pic, I'm holding it near the shaft where the starter sprocket attaches. It seems like it fits here and would be held by a set ring, but...
  18. Clutch/transmission issues on a 1974 cb360g help!!

    Engine Discussion
    So, I'm relatively new to motorcycles, I did however build a 125cc bobber this spring, so I'm generally familiar with everything, just on a smaller scale, the only thing I haven't done yet is split the case on anything. So, now onto my dilemma. I picked up a cb360g that was supposed to be a...
  19. CM400T -- Slipping out of gear

    Engine Discussion
    Hey, I have a '81 CM400T I picked up dirt cheap late last year. I threw a couple hundreds bucks of fluids, tires, couple of minor aftermarket parts. Mostly maintenance-y kind of things. Long story short, I put about 1,100 miles on her so far and the past little bit it seems to be slipping out...
  20. CL175 Clutch Problem.

    Engine Discussion
    Hey guys, first time poster. I only came here because I thought it might be worth asking advice before tearing the engine out of the CL175 to replace the kickstart shaft that's not functioning. So, a little background on me: Owned a few vintage hondas, I've rebuilt some engines and...