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  1. '78 CB400T Piston Ring Placement

    Engine Discussion
    Hey all! So, now I'm rebuilding the top end of my '78 CB400TII. I have new piston rings, but I can't figure out which place to put the top two rings. One is plain silver, the other is black with the surface that contacts the cylinder silver. The manual says that one of them should be tapered...
  2. Top End Questions: Seeking Advice on Next Steps

    Engine Discussion
    I'm a new member and have started a few cb projects. Currently, I have (2) cb350, and (1) cb100 engine torn down. One of the 350's is a K0, the other is a K4. I'm at the point of all of these where I need to make a decision what needs to take place with the pistons, rings, and cylinder walls...
  3. Top End Assembly Issues - Cam Chain appears too tight

    Engine Discussion
    Everyone on here is so helpful and knowledgeable so I'm hoping someone can provide me with some assistance with this issue. I am doing a complete motor rebuild for a 1970 CB350. I have the bottom end back together but when I attempt to assemble the top end I am having issues where I can not get...