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  1. Engine Discussion
    Hi, I’ve been searching through the forum / manual and can’t find what im looking for. Do I need to remove the engine to work on the top end (piston rings, pistons, valve seals, etc) Or is it possible to just remove the cylinder head ? Bike is a 78 cb400t If so does anyone have instructions ...
  2. Engine Discussion
    Hi All, I've been lurking here for a long time, this is my first post. Long story short, I'm rebuilding a CB350 to race in Novice Production Lightweight at the Topeka AHRMA race in June. Personally I'm not a brilliant mechanic, nor do I have any special knowledge of motorcycles or engine...
  3. Engine Discussion
    Ridin with Justice is an adventure. Keeping an old 1972 CB450 running is a challenge. This millennial rider is really hard engines and pistons.
  4. Engine Discussion
    Hi all, This is my first post here, but I've been reading the threads on this forum for quite some time. In May of this year, I acquired a 1969 CB350 in parts (well, most of one and half of another). By July, I had it registered and riding. I did everything myself, except for rebuilding the...
  5. Project Logs
    I'm about to embark on a repair odyssey which, to many of you, would be a walk in the park on a sunny day with a beautiful girl and an obedient dog. For me, it's something else. I'm a new rider and a total novice, mechanically speaking. Heck, I live in Oregon where we're not even allowed to...
1-5 of 5 Results