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  1. Tips And Tricks
    Hey guys. I need some tool networking help. I disassembled the engine on my 71 CL350, and I'm looking for a few tools that I don't have. I would rather not buy them at this point, I figure if someone is willing to share a tool I would be able to save some money, and make some new connections in...
  2. Mechanical Issues
    Fellow machinists, I have a quandry. As I plot my cb450 build, I'm wondering how big a lathe I will need for most of the parts I would make or modify. I'm a little space-constrained, so a mini-lathe (9x20) is tempting, but small = lightweight. Can anyone anticipate parts or ops I would need...
  3. Project Logs
    I just picked up a great '79 CM400T and rode it home 6 hours! The bike ran like a champ the whole way back, even over a mountain pass that goes to 12,000 feet! My question is this: I basically have a very limited tool selection right now and would like to put together a tool box for wrenching on...
1-3 of 4 Results